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Die Hard: The Ultimate Christmas Movie Debate

About The Guest(s):

Chris Rogers and Tracy Shackelford are the hosts of the C Your Ts podcast, where they discuss a wide range of topics and share their thoughts and opinions.


In this episode of C Your Ts, Chris and Tracy discuss various movies and whether or not they can be considered Christmas movies. They go through a list of criteria to determine if a movie qualifies as a Christmas movie, and discuss movies such as Die Hard, Batman Returns, Gremlins, Lethal Weapon, Eyes Wide Shut, and Iron Man Three. They also mention the importance of nudity in movies and share their thoughts on the action-adventure genre.

Key Takeaways:

- Die Hard and Batman Returns meet all the criteria and are considered Christmas movies.

- Gremlins and Lethal Weapon, despite their darker themes, also qualify as Christmas movies.

- Eyes Wide Shut is a controversial choice, but it does have elements of Christmas in it.

- Iron Man Three takes place during the holidays, but it is not a traditional Christmas movie.

- The incidental nudity in movies is missed in today’s films.

- The new Dungeons and Dragons movie with Chris Pine is recommended for viewership.

- Captain Marvel and The Marvels are important movies that deserve viewership.


- “Die Hard is as Christmas as figgy pudding.”

- Chris Rogers - “Eyes Wide Shut is a very Kubrick Christmas.”

- Chris Rogers - “I’m a fan of 70s boobs. They’re hairy boobs.”

- Tracy Shackelford - “Go watch Captain Marvel or The Marvels. It’s important that that movie gets viewership.”

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