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Meet Your Hosts

Who We Are




Chris is the co-host of C Your T's, a podcast focusing on all things movies, pop culture, and entertainment. He is a lifelong fan of movies, with a deep knowledge of the classics and obscure films alike. He loves to discuss the minutiae of movies and trends in entertainment. Chris is also a big fan of the deep cuts, many of which Tracy may or may not understand. He is always looking for new and interesting topics to discuss on the podcast.



Meet Tracy, the other half of this podcast duo. A passionate fan of movies and pop culture, Tracy is always happy to share his vast knowledge about bigfoot, cooking, and spoiling movies. He's also a great listener, providing insight and perspective that keeps the conversation going. With an open mind, Tracy dives into the world of entertainment, offering his own unique take on the topics discussed. Join Tracy as he and Chris explore the world of entertainment and pop culture.

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