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The Action Adventure Genre: From Box Office Success to Cultural Impact

About The Guest(s):

Chris Rogers and Tracy Shackleford are the hosts of the podcast "C Your Ts." They are passionate about action adventure movies and love discussing their cultural significance.



Chris and Tracy share their excitement for upcoming movies, including "Dune" and "Deadpool 3." They also speculate about the potential for a Dungeons and Dragons streaming service. The hosts emphasize the importance of sequels and how they contribute to the longevity of a franchise.


Key Takeaways:
  • "Dune" is worth watching, and the sequel promises to be even more exciting with the introduction of sandworms.

  • The success of a movie goes beyond its initial box office performance.

  • There are discussions about creating a Dungeons and Dragons streaming service.

  • Sequels play a crucial role in expanding a movie universe and keeping audiences engaged.


  • "I think that when they expand the verse, make the whole universe, that they're talking about doing the TSR verse, I think that will help a lot." - Chris Rogers

  • "That's the main motivation for making sequels." - Tracy Shackleford

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