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Episode 4 Transcripts


0:00:00 - (Chris): Welcome to another episode of C Your Ts. I am Chris Rogers, and I am action oriented superhero Tracy Shackleford. Absolutely. Absolutely. I mean, I do the parkour in my free time.

0:00:16 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:00:16 - (Chris): And I'm surprised you're not wearing your cape. You know, here's the thing with yeah. They can get stuck in places you don't want them to. Like jet engines, apparently. Jet engines. Ladders, the tops of buildings, gargoyles holding swords, the tail fin of a missile. Oh, yeah. I've had that happen before. That's the worst. Yeah. That is the worst. Let me tell you. Okay, so welcome.

0:00:39 - (Tracy): Hey.

0:00:40 - (Chris): I hope you did your homework. Did you watch Dungeons and Dragons? Yes, I did. Yeah. It's such a good movie. It is. It didn't get the credit that I think it deserved. I agree. I think that it should have gotten more. I think that when they expand the verse, make the whole universe yeah. That they're talking about doing the TSR verse.

0:01:06 - (Tracy): Okay.

0:01:07 - (Chris): I think that will help a lot. Well, what scared me is it just didn't make a lot of money.

0:01:14 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:01:14 - (Chris): And that's usually bad for movies. Well, that's the main motivation for making sequels.

0:01:19 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:01:20 - (Chris): Well, I mean, and there's there's there's enough evidence, I feel, that a movie can come that you can help a movie by throwing a sequel at it, and also that a movie in its initial theatrical offering, if it doesn't do well, doesn't mean it will not be successful.

0:01:41 - (Tracy): That's true.

0:01:42 - (Chris): And, I mean, there is talk of I don't know how firm the talk is of them making a DND based streaming service. Really? Yes. How are you going to do with that? Well, I don't know. I mean, you're going to have shows like Critical Role and how do you pick Dungeon Run and things like that. And then you have if I don't have a D 20, that helps me pick to watch what I want to watch.

0:02:10 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:02:11 - (Chris): I'm going to be upset. I want to actually that would be good. Full on Role that's on my screen. Whatever you roll is what it picks for you and that's what you watch.

0:02:21 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:02:21 - (Chris): Or everyone that's in the room can roll for initiative.

0:02:23 - (Tracy): And then that person gets.

0:02:28 - (Chris): If you if you did your homework, I hope you did. You saw Dungeons and Dragons?

0:02:33 - (Tracy): Yes. Chris Pine. Excellent.

0:02:36 - (Chris): Excellent movie. Hugh Jackson.

0:02:39 - (Tracy): No. Grant.

0:02:41 - (Chris): Yes. Okay. I was close.

0:02:43 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:02:44 - (Chris): Not really. Same guy, same first name. And that's where the similarities in one's Australian, one's British. Yes, same thing. One is tough guy. The other one is a little bit boppish.

0:02:55 - (Tracy): Identical. Yeah. They're basically okay.

0:03:01 - (Chris): One's X Men, the other one is a new ballot look, or will be soon.

0:03:07 - (Tracy): Pledgeily. I saw the trailer.

0:03:10 - (Chris): You saw a trailer? Yeah, I know. Well, it was at the beginning of a movie when we went to see the Marvels. Usually cover your eyes when this thing's on in theater. I'll watch them in theater. That's the only time I'll watch, okay. Because I don't want to sit in theater and shut my eyes and stick my fingers in my ears and go, la la.

0:03:30 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:03:30 - (Chris): Awkward for everyone.

0:03:31 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:03:32 - (Chris): Real life. I kid. I kid. Okay, so today we are getting into our list. If you're new to the show, we have made a list of movies, broken it down by genre that you should see if you want to be culturally literate. Amen and hallelujah. So it's not necessarily a list of the best movies. This isn't our top ten. It's way more than ten movies.

0:04:00 - (Tracy): But.

0:04:03 - (Chris): I think it would be close. I could probably pick from this list and create close to my top ten. There's a few of my favorite action adventure movies. We're doing the action adventure genre today.

0:04:15 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:04:16 - (Chris): There's a few of my favorite action adventure movies that are not on this list. However, that's not what this list is. It's about being culturally literate. It's about the movies. Either are in the lexicon, they're either discussed a lot, like a water cooler kind of talk, or they informed other things.

0:04:41 - (Tracy): Yeah, like Water World.

0:04:44 - (Chris): Everyone talks about that all the time.

0:04:46 - (Tracy): Yeah, I've heard it.

0:04:48 - (Chris): Unless they're having a conversation about how bad movies are.

0:04:52 - (Tracy): Look, haters are going to hate. Yes. Right?

0:04:55 - (Chris): Yes. And this is coming from somebody who enjoys ice pirates.

0:04:59 - (Tracy): True.

0:04:59 - (Chris): And waterworld. You know what's funny about water World? The stunt show at Universal Studios is way more successful. Oh, yeah. Most people have seen it.

0:05:10 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:05:14 - (Chris): But before we get to action adventure, okay, it is gobble gobble time. Are we taking a sidebar? Yeah, we are. Well, we promised them that we would give them a short Thanksgiving list. And this is short. We're not even kidding. No, it's not. It's three movies. It's three movies and we've all seen one of them.

0:05:33 - (Tracy): Yes.

0:05:35 - (Chris): I don't think anyone has actually seen all three of them. Everyone except Chris. I've seen all three movies. No one except Chris has seen all three movies. Probably no one except Chris and two of his children have seen all three. No. I don't know. I think I have children that have not seen any of these movies. Chris is the only one who's seen all three of.

0:05:58 - (Tracy): Probably. Yeah, probably. Okay, so let's get going.

0:06:02 - (Chris): So the first one of our Thanksgiving.

0:06:05 - (Tracy): Movies.

0:06:09 - (Chris): We didn't create a rubric like we did for Christmas movies. You can't but these are definitely Thanksgiving movies. This is our Thanksgiving list.

0:06:16 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:06:17 - (Chris): And there were a number of movies that took place on Thanksgiving. Yeah, but they weren't Thanksgiving movies. But they weren't Thanksgiving movies. But I think these three definitely are.

0:06:26 - (Tracy): Yes.

0:06:27 - (Chris): And there's probably more that are definitely Thanksgiving movies. Like, I think there was one with Sarah Jessica Parker. Like the family stone, I think was yeah, but when I looked searched for movies and Thanksgiving and all of that, I didn't even come up. I think that takes place between the holidays.

0:06:44 - (Tracy): Is it more?

0:06:45 - (Chris): But anyway, let's get into this list, okay. Because we have a big list. The action venture list is long. That's what she said.

0:06:53 - (Tracy): Okay.

0:06:54 - (Chris): We want to make sure we get to everything. So the first movie in the Thanksgiving list is freebirds. It's an animated movie about turkeys no one has ever seen. Some of them have redheads, some of them have blue heads. And it's turkeys that are trying to get free because they're worried they're going to get killed. Because Thanksgiving is this movie is for one demographic.

0:07:15 - (Tracy): Children. Children.

0:07:16 - (Chris): Absolutely. It's for children. But it is a Thanksgiving movie.

0:07:18 - (Tracy): Okay.

0:07:18 - (Chris): And it's cute.

0:07:19 - (Tracy): Okay.

0:07:20 - (Chris): Not great, but it's cute. Okay. The second movie I actually really enjoyed.

0:07:24 - (Tracy): Okay.

0:07:24 - (Chris): I like it a lot. It is Dutch.

0:07:29 - (Tracy): I like Dutch.

0:07:30 - (Chris): And it takes place sort of in the lead up to Thanksgiving. Yes. The end of it is Thanksgiving, and it is about a man picking up his stepson from a prep school to go home for the holidays. And he's like this. It's played by Ed O'Neill, and his name's Dutch. That's the name of the film. And he's like a very blue collar, kind of tough guy, manly man. Nice. He's not mean or anything. He's just kind of set in his ways.

0:08:06 - (Chris): And his wife wants him to go pick up her son.

0:08:09 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:08:10 - (Chris): And the son is kind of a fancy lad, bratty, kind of a jerk, kind of a pain in the butt kid. Well, he's a teenager who doesn't get.

0:08:19 - (Tracy): Along with his parents. Yes.

0:08:21 - (Chris): I'm just checking to see if this was John Hughes movie, because it sounds like a John Hughes movie. I don't, and I don't know. I don't think it is.

0:08:28 - (Tracy): I'm going to look.

0:08:29 - (Chris): Also, Chris right now is really screwing up our list. I just want to let you know that.

0:08:32 - (Tracy): Am I? Yeah, check your phone.

0:08:34 - (Chris): Oh, my wow. I really am screwing up the list because I'm dictating as we go.

0:08:45 - (Tracy): Yeah, I can fix.

0:08:47 - (Chris): Okay. So this is directed by Peter Feynman, and it is written by John Hughes.

0:08:53 - (Tracy): Oh, well, John Hughes, good on you.

0:08:56 - (Chris): I thought it was a John Hughes movie. So it is a John Hughes written movie, but not directed. The only thing I remember about this movie are the fireworks to take him to a fireworks stand in the middle of, like, Montana or something. And then he sets him off in the field. Sets him off in the field. And then the porn.

0:09:15 - (Tracy): Yep.

0:09:17 - (Chris): It's a really good movie. Yeah. It's funny. It's a really good movie. It has feel good ending.

0:09:25 - (Tracy): It does.

0:09:25 - (Chris): And it's fun and it's good. Thanksgiving movie.

0:09:28 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:09:29 - (Chris): And then the final movie is the big one. It's the King Kamehameha of Thanksgiving movies.

0:09:35 - (Tracy): Yes.

0:09:35 - (Chris): And that's plane. Trains and automobiles. Love this movie. And if you haven't seen don't what are you doing with your life, honestly. Steve Martin and John Candy at their best. At their absolute best.

0:09:46 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:09:47 - (Chris): So good. Definitely check it out.

0:09:50 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:09:50 - (Chris): You should watch it if you haven't seen it. You should watch it if you haven't seen it in a while. Go ahead, watch it. And I don't know where it I forgot to check where it was streaming. Hold on. I'll tell you, it's an excellent movie. It's got a feel good ending. It is all about trying to get home for Thanksgiving. And it's pretty amazing.

0:10:14 - (Tracy): Okay.

0:10:14 - (Chris): So right now, it's everywhere. It's on the FUBU. It's on the Paramount plus.

0:10:19 - (Tracy): Okay.

0:10:20 - (Chris): It's on the showtime.

0:10:21 - (Tracy): Oh, wow. Yeah.

0:10:22 - (Chris): It's on the Pluto TV, everyone's favorite streaming service, allegedly. But yeah. Go check out this movie, please. Yeah. If you haven't seen it, see it. Definitely. It works very good and I think is on our comedy list as well.

0:10:40 - (Tracy): Absolutely.

0:10:40 - (Chris): Just in its own right. Apart from being a Thanksgiving movie, is an excellent comedy. It's one of the funnier movies ever made. And it has some really classic lines. I mean, Chris and I use the lines on each very quotable. Those aren't pillows. Okay, so now we're going to get into the action adventure list. Yeah. That completes the Thanksgiving list. If you have other Thanksgiving films that are staples that you watch around Thanksgiving, let us know.

0:11:08 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:11:09 - (Chris): Add us and tell us, please.

0:11:11 - (Tracy): So here we go.

0:11:13 - (Chris): So to start the list off, we start with their homework.

0:11:17 - (Tracy): Yes.

0:11:17 - (Chris): And that was Dungeons and Dragons.

0:11:18 - (Tracy): Yes.

0:11:19 - (Chris): While probably not necessary to be culturally literate right.

0:11:26 - (Tracy): It should be.

0:11:27 - (Chris): Well, it's quotable.

0:11:30 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:11:30 - (Chris): And there are references in it to past DND properties. Yeah. I don't want to give too much away. And it's really well done. And you should definitely see it in my book. It might be the best action adventure.

0:11:48 - (Tracy): Movie of 2023, potentially. Yeah.

0:11:54 - (Chris): I enjoyed, like, the MCU movies that came out, but this one was unique. Right. It wasn't something we hadn't seen before. I mean, the plot is very used, but the movie itself was different. Right? Well, it was different, but it was based on property that many of us are familiar with, but different in its own way. And it was kind of a new twist. I really enjoyed it. I've seen it a couple of times. And it doesn't get old. No.

0:12:25 - (Chris): Okay, so moving on. Number two, Indiana Jones. All of them. All of them.

0:12:31 - (Tracy): All of them.

0:12:32 - (Chris): I think originally we would have said just one, two, and three.

0:12:37 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:12:38 - (Chris): And Crystal Skull at that point, we kind of would have liked to have forgotten about. However, since Dial of Destiny came out, which is an amazing movie sure. Really enjoyed it, there are things that you need to see Crystal Skull in order to get the full enjoyment out of Destiny.

0:12:56 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:12:56 - (Chris): So we're going to say them all.

0:12:58 - (Tracy): All five.

0:12:58 - (Chris): Sure. All five Indiana Jones movies. And if there's a six, we'll add that one into I don't know if there's going to be a six.

0:13:04 - (Tracy): There's some talk he's so old, I.

0:13:07 - (Chris): Don'T know that it will include Harrison Ford.

0:13:10 - (Tracy): Okay.

0:13:11 - (Chris): So I don't know. This movie made me feel old when I watched did.

0:13:15 - (Tracy): It did. Yeah.

0:13:18 - (Chris): I mean, John Reese Davies made me feel really old when he came on screen.

0:13:22 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:13:23 - (Chris): I was like, Holy cow. But I did get a little bit of an old guys can do it too vibe.

0:13:29 - (Tracy): Because he's still doing it.

0:13:30 - (Chris): He is still doing it, but he's.

0:13:31 - (Tracy): Still.

0:13:34 - (Chris): He'S got to run out of money eventually, right, to be on his jet setting ways. Is he, though? Well, he's just a teacher. How's he doing that with the teacher salary, Chris? Well, he's a he's a university professor, and maybe they used to pay them more in the maybe. Okay. Anyway, we got to keep moving. Okay. Rambo, one and two.

0:14:00 - (Tracy): Excellent.

0:14:00 - (Chris): Excellent movie. First blood and then Rambo.

0:14:06 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:14:06 - (Chris): Great movies. I just rewatched Rambo, the second movie.

0:14:11 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:14:11 - (Chris): And it's good. Yeah, it's really good.

0:14:13 - (Tracy): It holds up.

0:14:14 - (Chris): Yeah. John Rambo was he was given the shaft. Yes, he was. But he kept coming back.

0:14:18 - (Tracy): He did, yeah.

0:14:20 - (Chris): Real American. Okay, next we have the mummy. One and two. The Brendan Fraser ones. Brendan Fraser. Yeah. Who is an American treasure.

0:14:28 - (Tracy): Indeed he is. Yes.

0:14:30 - (Chris): He is an American treasure. And the first two movies are great. The third movie as much of a Michelle Yeoh fan as I am. When they got rid of Rachel Weiss, not that the actress that took her place was bad or anything, it just kind of I lost a step, and then the kids grown up, and it.

0:14:50 - (Tracy): Just it feels like they jumped the shark a little bit.

0:14:55 - (Chris): I feel like there was something there.

0:14:57 - (Tracy): Jet.

0:14:58 - (Chris): Lee big know there's something there. I just don't yeah, I lost it with the yeah. Yeah. Didn't quite do it for me. So one and two definitely, though. Yeah, absolutely. One and two. Great movies.

0:15:11 - (Tracy): Yes.

0:15:12 - (Chris): Next we have the Dirty Dozen.

0:15:15 - (Tracy): Love it.

0:15:16 - (Chris): Great movie.

0:15:17 - (Tracy): Yes.

0:15:18 - (Chris): And really one of the first kind of team up movies.

0:15:22 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:15:22 - (Chris): Sort of what is it? The unmentionables touchables.

0:15:32 - (Tracy): No.

0:15:32 - (Chris): Magnus. No, I'm talking about the Sylvester Stallone movies that they keep making with all the action stars in it. The Expendables. Expendables. Thank you. That's just like the unmet. It is. Yeah. But I was trying to be funny in the process of making the joke. I forgot the actual title. The Expendables is kind of based and The Avengers, in the same way, is based on kind of this, because at the time when they made The Dirty Dozen, they took all of the action stars of the day and put them together in a movie.

0:16:04 - (Tracy): Makes sense.

0:16:05 - (Chris): And it's great. And absolutely. It's precursor also to inglorious bastards.

0:16:11 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:16:12 - (Chris): Which is also a really good yeah. Although not on this list. Probably should be on the drama list. I would think so. But anyway, next we have Silverado. I love a Kevin Klein. You do? I love a Brian Dennehy. You do? I love Alinda Hunt. You sure? Jeff Goldblum, danny Glover, American Heroes.

0:16:36 - (Tracy): Yes.

0:16:37 - (Chris): And a Kevin Costner.

0:16:39 - (Tracy): And a Scott Glenn.

0:16:40 - (Chris): Can't have an American movie without costner.

0:16:42 - (Tracy): Yeah, right.

0:16:43 - (Chris): But all of those believe it or not, all of those people are in this movie, and there's a lot of people that haven't seen it. But it's a great Western. It is. It's really, really good. It's quotable. It's fantastic. Do you want to take a few?

0:16:55 - (Tracy): Sure.

0:16:56 - (Chris): Throwing it my way. Okay. Young guns one.

0:17:01 - (Tracy): Yeah, just one. Just one.

0:17:03 - (Chris): Not Young Guns Two, where Billy the Kid mysteriously comes back to life. Yeah. Strange. But young guns one great. Although I will say Young Guns Two had a much better soundtrack than Young Guns One. Yeah, I agree. This was another kind of that followed in the footsteps of The Dirty Dozen, where it took kind of all of the big stars. Yeah. This is a Brat Pack. But it took all of them and put them in a movie.

0:17:25 - (Tracy): Yeah. I don't know.

0:17:26 - (Chris): Is Lou Diamond Phillips in the Brat pack? I think.

0:17:28 - (Tracy): Okay. Yeah. Yeah. He's a nice guy, too. Yeah.

0:17:32 - (Chris): I mean, he was Lubamba. Wait.

0:17:34 - (Tracy): No, not Lobamba.

0:17:35 - (Chris): No, he wasn't Lobamba. He was in Lubamba. He was the main character. Okay. The only Firefighter movie on this list, backdraft. Oh, you're bouncing all over the place.

0:17:48 - (Tracy): Yeah. Backdraft.

0:17:49 - (Chris): Yeah. Oh, I did. You skipped eight. Nine. Oh, shit. It's a whole bunch of them. That's all right. These are not in any particular order, by the way, but Backdraft was always a fun one. Enjoyed everything about that movie. Which Baldwin was that one? That was Alec.

0:18:02 - (Tracy): That was Alec? Yeah. No, not Alec. Steven?

0:18:05 - (Chris): No. Billy.

0:18:06 - (Tracy): Billy.

0:18:06 - (Chris): Billy Baldwin. I get confused. Yeah. I don't know my Baldwin's. Not nearly as well as I know my Scarsgard. You were a big Scarsgard fan. I am a Scarsgard fan, yeah. But yeah. So that is Billy Baldwin.

0:18:18 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:18:18 - (Chris): And Kurt Russell and Scott Glenn.

0:18:20 - (Tracy): Yeah. Great.

0:18:22 - (Chris): Okay.

0:18:23 - (Tracy): Diehards.

0:18:24 - (Chris): But just the first three. Just the first three.

0:18:27 - (Tracy): Yes.

0:18:28 - (Chris): So diehard one, diehard two, and Diehard with a vengeance. Yes. That's the one with Samuel Jackson. That is the one with Samuel. Absolutely.

0:18:36 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:18:37 - (Chris): What's, 21 out of 42?

0:18:42 - (Tracy): Yes.

0:18:44 - (Chris): I'm pretty sure it's Warren G. Harding. Is it warren G. Harding?

0:18:47 - (Tracy): No, there's the other guy.

0:18:49 - (Chris): I don't know. Anyway okay.

0:18:50 - (Tracy): Dirty Harry one. Yes.

0:18:53 - (Chris): I don't know if I include all these Dirty no, the one, though. I think so. I mean, we could get into, like, all the spaghetti Westerns and all of that, and that would just be too much. That'd go on forever. But, yeah, Dirty Harry definitely for anything. Just the line. But ironically, he doesn't ever say, do you feel lucky? No, he doesn't.

0:19:12 - (Tracy): No.

0:19:13 - (Chris): He says you got to ask yourself, do I feel lucky? Well, do you, punk?

0:19:19 - (Tracy): Yeah, that's the one.

0:19:21 - (Chris): Thank you for clarifying that.

0:19:22 - (Tracy): Yeah, well, that's what we do. That's who we are.

0:19:25 - (Chris): Okay.

0:19:26 - (Tracy): Lethal weapons.

0:19:27 - (Chris): We could say.

0:19:28 - (Tracy): All of them.

0:19:29 - (Chris): Yes, all of them that have been made so far. Well, allegedly, they're making a new one. They are making I don't know how it's on the IMDBs. Maybe he's like the captain. Not the captain. He's already a captain. But maybe he's like the chief.

0:19:44 - (Tracy): But maybe he's the chief of police.

0:19:45 - (Chris): Well, he's retired, like, three. Look, I know. Maybe he's a private detective. That's true. Who just does, like, takes pictures of infidelity husbands. He's just a pi. And then Martin Riggs, who's still a cop, goes and gets him to help him do a case or something. I know Mel Gibson still has it in him to do this. And he's made his Great Awakening, I guess, or Great Comeback, whatever we're going to call it.

0:20:15 - (Chris): But I'm interested to see what's going to happen. Are they going to bring back Joe Pesci, maybe. What about Renee Russo? Is she going to come back for this?

0:20:22 - (Tracy): I would bring her back, yeah. I don't know. Yeah, she's great. Chris Rock.

0:20:26 - (Chris): They could bring Chris Rock back. Oh, shit.

0:20:28 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:20:28 - (Chris): He was Detective Butters. That's right, he was.

0:20:31 - (Tracy): God damn.

0:20:32 - (Chris): Yeah, okay.

0:20:35 - (Tracy): Yeah, that's true.

0:20:36 - (Chris): Now, Jack Ryan, the Jack Ryan universe.

0:20:39 - (Tracy): Yes.

0:20:40 - (Chris): I think we could call it Jack Ryan. Yeah. There are so many movies and shows that are in the Ryan universe.

0:20:47 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:20:51 - (Chris): It'S great. It's a great I think the one that started this, right. Was the hunt for Red October. Yes, that was the first movie.

0:20:58 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:21:00 - (Chris): And then there's like Patriot Games and all of there's there's so many. And then there's Jack Ryan's shadow recruit, which was Chris Pine. And he was actually playing jack. Ryan Jr. I believe in.

0:21:17 - (Tracy): It'S.

0:21:18 - (Chris): And then they have the series on Amazon with John Krasinski, which is great. It was great. It's over now. There was three seasons. Yeah, it ended, but yeah, it's great. And the books are really good. And I'm screwing up the list again. That's fine. I don't know why I keep telling it that. I'm you just like to talk into the list.

0:21:36 - (Tracy): I do, apparently. That's fair.

0:21:37 - (Chris): Yeah. Okay. So this next one is it changed movies forever, I would say.

0:21:45 - (Tracy): Yeah, right.

0:21:46 - (Chris): The MCU, the Marvel, it completely changed the way I think movies are made.

0:21:52 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:21:54 - (Chris): If you think about it, some of these characters have more screen time, theatrical screen time than any other characters, any other film characters. Obviously, there's TV characters that have so many hours when there's a show like Bart Simpson has 35, 34 seasons of 20 something episodes at 30 minutes apiece. But that's just a character that's been on TV a bunch. But the character doesn't really get developed right. Because he never ages and he never changes.

0:22:28 - (Chris): But there are some characters on seasons that have been around for 1012 years that have hours and hours. But as far as movies go, there have been Iron Man and Captain America. Those characters, those original characters have been in more movies right, than pretty much any other character, including like a James Bond who's been played by so many different actors and everything. So I would say the movies.

0:22:51 - (Chris): Well, okay, so the MCU created the whole universe concept. Now everyone has a universe concept that they're running with. But the movies themselves don't feel like sequels. They feel like the continuation of the same story. And that's really what it's about, is keeping the story going on for longer and longer and it spawns so many different things. TV shows, do you have specials? You have all kinds of shit.

0:23:19 - (Chris): Animated shows, all kinds of different things. So everything about it is just fun. It would take weeks to get through all the content if you yeah, I don't know how many somebody figured out that with The Lord of the Rings or whatever, you can watch them all in a 24 hours period or something like that. But this would be so much more than yeah, so much more than that. I mean, it's over ten years of movies at two or three a year and several series.

0:23:49 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:23:49 - (Chris): Now they are slowing it down.

0:23:50 - (Tracy): Right.

0:23:51 - (Chris): The MCU is getting slowed down because next year Deadpool Three is going to be the only MCU movie that's coming out so far. Allegedly. Yeah, but I'm just saying that's currently what they're saying. But they've changed things, their calendar so many times.

0:24:02 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:24:03 - (Chris): Although I did hear that they are supposed to start filming the First Family of Marvel in January, all of the Fantastic Four. So that'll be fun. I don't think they've cemented yet. Who's going to be the last I heard it was America's daddy is playing Reed Richards, pedro Pascal. Yeah, but they haven't picked anyone else yet for the Sue Storm or Johnny Storm or a it is a they've tried it several times and they've been successful half a time, sort of. I mean, Chris Evans was a great Johnny Storm.

0:24:38 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:24:41 - (Chris): That may be the only appropriate casting that I've really enjoyed. You didn't like Michael Chicklis as the thing. He was actually not bad. Ben Grimm. Michael Chicklis as Ben Grimm was pretty good. I would include him in good casting and not that everyone else in that movie did bad. Jessica Alba was not bad as Sue Storm, but I just wouldn't that's not.

0:24:59 - (Tracy): Who.

0:25:01 - (Chris): I those movies felt kind of cheesy, too. Yeah, they were. But that's still when comic book movies were more comic book of we they've sort of grown up a little bit since. I'm hoping if we see Galactus at.

0:25:12 - (Tracy): Any point, he actually looks like Galactus.

0:25:14 - (Chris): And not a shadow silhouette in a storm cloud. Yeah, that would be nice. All right, moving on. Speaking of superheroes, the Christopher Reeves Superman movies. Superman One and two. One and Two Three is a movie that I absolutely love. With Richard Pryor. Yeah.

0:25:32 - (Tracy): But it's a little cheesy.

0:25:36 - (Chris): Yeah, it's a little cheesy. It's a fun yeah, I don't think it's list worthy. How do you feel about the one with John Crier? Yeah, what about the one with a nuclear man? Yeah, no, we're not talking about okay. Doesn't exist. All right, I got you. Don't sully the man's memory. What about the one with the Flash and Christopher Reeves and what's her name?

0:25:58 - (Tracy): Oh, no.

0:26:00 - (Chris): Nicolas Cage is Superman. But that's a flash movie. That's not a superman. Big ass spider at the end of the movie. That was the best part of that movie as far as I'm concerned. I would have giant spider. Okay, moving on. Yes. Another richard, donner movie. The Goonies.

0:26:17 - (Tracy): Yes. Classic.

0:26:19 - (Chris): So much of a classic. Such a good movie. Such a great movie. Yeah, it's got a Corey in it. It's got one corey. Yeah. One corey. One Sean Aston. One Sean Aston. Absolutely.

0:26:31 - (Tracy): One. Josh brolin.

0:26:33 - (Chris): Very young Josh Brolin, by the way.

0:26:34 - (Tracy): Yes.

0:26:35 - (Chris): Very young. Josh Brolin. Yeah. And it's got oh, my God, I'm forgetting his name. He's like, had a resurgence. The kid that plays Data in it, kehi Kwan. Yes. Who is know he was in Loki. He did Loki. And he was in everything, everywhere, all at once. All at Oscar for that.

0:26:55 - (Tracy): Yeah, just great.

0:26:56 - (Chris): And he was in Indian Jones. He's on the list twice.

0:26:59 - (Tracy): Yeah, that's right.

0:27:00 - (Chris): He was short run. Okay, now, some of these movies I like more than others. And that's the Road Warrior trilogy. Yes.

0:27:10 - (Tracy): Right.

0:27:11 - (Chris): And then you could also include Mad Max Fury Road in this. I would say Mad Max Two is better than Mad Max One. Yeah, it's really interesting. I heard a story about Mad Max One. I was like an old video. I think he was on mel Gibson was on, like, the Graham Norton Show.

0:27:25 - (Tracy): Or something like that.

0:27:26 - (Chris): And they were interviewing him and he had the night before he had his audition sure. He was at a bar and he got a little bit drunk and he ended up getting in a fight, I think. And he showed up to that with a big black eye. And basically that got him the job because they wanted somebody for that movie that was kind of like rough and tumble, been through it and stuff like that. And I thought it was just an interesting story.

0:27:56 - (Chris): Yeah, I mean, two is definitely the Road Warrior. I enjoyed it more than Mad Max. However, they brought the villain from Mad Max back for Fury Road, which I thought was awesome. I thought that was a smart move. Yeah, well, same actor. Different character, but same actor. And I thought that was great. So I really enjoyed it. I thought Tom Hardy made a great Mad Max.

0:28:24 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:28:25 - (Chris): And I mean, they're all great.

0:28:27 - (Tracy): Turner.

0:28:30 - (Chris): Hollywood is supposed to start making the Furiosa prequel here pretty soon. Charlize. Theron will not be playing furiosa.

0:28:38 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:28:38 - (Chris): That's unfortunate. The younger version of Furiosa.

0:28:40 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:28:41 - (Chris): I mean, I get it because it's much younger version. I don't know who's playing her, but I just want to see how she loses her arm. Yeah, that'd be nice to see. But I thought she did an amazing job. Curiosity. And if they pick it up where it left off, I definitely would like to see her. Absolutely.

0:28:59 - (Tracy): So good. Okay.

0:29:01 - (Chris): Now we're going to venture into some Disney films here. The Pirates of the Care and be in movies.

0:29:06 - (Tracy): Yes, all of them. Yeah.

0:29:08 - (Chris): Johnny Depp is in talks to do another one. Really? Yeah. He had swore that he never would. In fact, in court papers, it's documented that he said for $300 million and a whole farm full of alpacas, he wouldn't do it. Well, apparently everyone has a price. Not saying that Johnny Depp does, but maybe it's two farms of alpacas.

0:29:33 - (Tracy): Could be.

0:29:34 - (Chris): I think he says he'll do it if they get a public apology. Because the public apology for firing.

0:29:39 - (Tracy): Yeah, that would be nice.

0:29:40 - (Chris): Yeah, I could see them doing that. And then the National Treasures movies.

0:29:44 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:29:45 - (Chris): Not so much the National Treasure series. That was kind of a letdown.

0:29:49 - (Tracy): A little.

0:29:49 - (Chris): Yeah.

0:29:50 - (Tracy): I mean, it was.

0:29:52 - (Chris): I wanted to see Nicholas Cage show up in that. I really did. I really did. Or at least at the very least like John Voight.

0:29:59 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:30:00 - (Chris): Or as much of a fan of John Voight. I am not outside of movies. He's a good actor.

0:30:07 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:30:07 - (Chris): The character itself is so okay, now. We just watched this movie this past weekend.

0:30:15 - (Tracy): Yeah, we did.

0:30:15 - (Chris): Point Break.

0:30:16 - (Tracy): Holds up.

0:30:17 - (Chris): Absolutely. Holds up so well. Yeah. Better than it should. Possibly. Everyone who was watching it all said the same line.

0:30:25 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:30:25 - (Chris): I am an FBI agent. Yeah. Such a good movie. Did you see the remake of it? Yeah, it was so don't I think I've blocked it out of my memory.

0:30:38 - (Tracy): Because I feel like I saw it.

0:30:39 - (Chris): I have no memory of it whatsoever. It was kind of Mission Impossible esque. And, like, DA Vinci code esque.

0:30:46 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:30:47 - (Chris): I'm afraid they're going to make a series. They've been doing that so much. They've been taking, like, 90s movies that were really successful making a series out of it. Well, you could do, like, a whole FBI crime thing around this one. But the movie is so good, it stands up on its own. I wouldn't get red hot chili peppers in it.

0:31:06 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:31:07 - (Chris): And who would have thought that we would be talking about this movie, what, 2030 years later? 30 years later. 30 years later. Patrick Swayze would be the one that was dead. And Gary busey is still around. Yeah, no shit.

0:31:21 - (Tracy): Believe it or not.

0:31:22 - (Chris): That guy. He does not like buttered sausage. Don't ask him.

0:31:26 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:31:26 - (Chris): That's not his jam. Absolutely. What's up with his eyes? He's got one eye that just doesn't work well. I think it just quit. It just gave up. It's just like, I'm done with this. You watch him blink? Only one eye blinks.

0:31:42 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:31:42 - (Chris): The other eyes. I don't know. Sometimes I think he's really nuts. And sometimes I think that this is like a character that he's been doing. I feel like he's going to come out and be on a show or have a cameo in a movie and be like, totally normal. Well, after this movie. Okay, so he was in his motorcycle accident before this movie.

0:31:59 - (Tracy): Yes.

0:31:59 - (Chris): Right before Point Break. And he didn't seem like he lost his mind at that point. No, he didn't seem like he had.

0:32:09 - (Tracy): And now he's batshit. Yeah.

0:32:12 - (Chris): That poor guy, man.

0:32:13 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:32:13 - (Chris): He's had a rough life.

0:32:15 - (Tracy): Yeah. I don't know.

0:32:16 - (Chris): I do actually like a lot of the films that his son's in. Jake Hughes. Oh, yeah. Me too. He's in a lot of movies that I like. He's in frighteners. He's great in that movie. Yeah. Such a good movie. Definitely on the horror.

0:32:27 - (Tracy): Oh, yeah. The next yeah.

0:32:31 - (Chris): You can't have an action adventure list without big trouble in Little China.

0:32:36 - (Tracy): Yes.

0:32:36 - (Chris): Unless it's a list of movies not to.

0:32:38 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:32:39 - (Chris): Then you wouldn't want to put this on it.

0:32:41 - (Tracy): What? Yeah.

0:32:43 - (Chris): You would not want to put this movie on a list of movies not to see. See this movie. That's what I'm saying. I'm saying see this movie. I just went cross side there. But yeah. Picture of a little China. Everything about this movie is great.

0:33:02 - (Tracy): Yes.

0:33:03 - (Chris): Even the monsters were so good. Oh, yeah. And the special effects are not the best. Well, they hold up till but they're still enjoyable. Well, you know why they're enjoyable? It's because they're not crappy CGI generated. No, they're practical for the most part. They're puppets. No, I'm talking about, like, the CGI when David Lupin, like, phases through a wall or whatever. Okay. That was I mean, it's not CGI. It's not computer.

0:33:30 - (Chris): They did it with overlapping films, but they did it in post but in camera.

0:33:39 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:33:40 - (Chris): But yeah. It's such a good movie. Kim Cattral.

0:33:43 - (Tracy): Yeah. Kurt Russell. Yeah. Just great.

0:33:46 - (Chris): Just absolute great movie.

0:33:48 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:33:49 - (Chris): Should definitely see it. All right, you should continue now. Okay. So we have one entry, but it's like multiple films. Five movies.

0:33:59 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:34:00 - (Chris): And that's for Batman. Yes. So there have been so many Batman movies.

0:34:04 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:34:04 - (Chris): But we think that you go tim Burton, batman. So that's Batman and Batman returns. Yes. The first two.

0:34:13 - (Tracy): Yes.

0:34:14 - (Chris): Then we pretend that the next what? Three movies didn't happen. Look, the ones that Joel Schumacher made, he said he made them to sell. He and also to have close ups of rubber butts, which is weird.

0:34:30 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:34:31 - (Chris): When we really know a lot about Joel Schumacher. It's not that surprising, but it is weird. So we're ignoring those movies and then we're picking it up with the Chris Nolan Batman trilogy, which was amazing. Yeah, absolutely amazing. Changed the character of the Joker forever. And just did a because up until then, up until Heath Ledger played the Joker, which to me is the definitive Joker. Jack Nicholson was considered to be the best Joker.

0:35:07 - (Chris): His was a great Joker, and it was he played a great Joker. And the way Tim Burton did it was so different than it had been done and has been done since. It was comic booky, but not like grounded in reality. But not and it was just great. The soundtrack for the first one was all Prince.

0:35:26 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:35:26 - (Chris): So, I mean, you can't beat I.

0:35:30 - (Tracy): Mean, it's just great.

0:35:31 - (Chris): Absolutely. Both sets of films, very different, but both very true to the source. Like, really, honestly, stay away from the Joel Schumacher. Yeah. Don't and the only reason we haven't included the newest one, the Robert Pattinson, the Batman, because although I really enjoyed yeah, it's not there yet. As far as they need to flush it out a little bit with it needs one or two more mean. And they're working on, uh so it'll happen. And then perhaps we'll add that to.

0:36:07 - (Tracy): The list at that point.

0:36:08 - (Chris): It's just not ready yet. I actually enjoyed Paul Daniel as riddler.

0:36:12 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:36:13 - (Chris): I thought he did great.

0:36:15 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:36:15 - (Chris): And I didn't realize it until about halfway through the movie. Who he mean? Obviously, I need the Riddler, but I didn't know who was the Riddler, so I thought that was really good.

0:36:24 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:36:26 - (Chris): Top Gun is the next entry. Top Gun. One, one, two. While a fine movie.

0:36:33 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:36:34 - (Chris): I thought it leaned too heavily on the original. And I thought that I didn't damn near a 40 year spread between those movies.

0:36:43 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:36:43 - (Chris): Well, yeah, but I mean, they lean too heavily on the plot of the original. Well, just the whole they took the volleyball scene and turned it into a football scene. But it was basically the same scene. And just I mean, so much of it was the team building. Yeah.

0:36:59 - (Tracy): Pass.

0:37:01 - (Chris): And then the fact that they never named who the enemy was, that bothered me, actually. At no point check it out. Because at no point in the film do they say it's Russia or Iran or Iraq or whoever. Syria. They imply certain things. And I know people who have tried to figure out based on okay, well, it's ocean because they come off of the ocean to the country mountains that are on ocean. So it could be this one or it could be that one. And they kind of narrow it down.

0:37:27 - (Chris): But still, the only two reasons I can think of I don't know why they didn't do that. The only two reasons I can think of is one, they were worried about offending some country and maybe the Navy, because the Navy is super heavily involved in the making of these films.

0:37:42 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:37:43 - (Chris): So maybe they told them, said, hey, we don't want you to say that we're fighting Russia, or we don't want you to say that we're fighting because of some international incident.

0:37:51 - (Tracy): Sure.

0:37:52 - (Chris): Or the other option being that they're concerned about eliminating a potential market for the film. Because if you make Russia the bad guy, then maybe Russia won't want to air put the movie in their theaters. It's all about money. So I don't know. But either of those reasons are upsetting to me. So that's why those reasons I'm not at least they named the bad guy in the first movie.

0:38:14 - (Tracy): Yeah, it was Russia.

0:38:15 - (Chris): Okay, the next one, Commando, the honorable one, the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. I looked at a lot of thought about a lot of Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. Predator, that's a horror movie, I think I thought about Total Recall. Yeah. Which could be definitely on the list. Well, total recall is kind of unique. Yeah. The original movie, Total Recall. Yeah, but Commando is such the sort of the quintessential Arnold movie.

0:38:47 - (Tracy): What about Conan?

0:38:49 - (Chris): Yeah, but so many people I don't think enough people have seen it.

0:38:54 - (Tracy): Okay.

0:38:54 - (Chris): What about Hercules in New York? Okay, you and I may be the only people in North America that have seen that movie. You know who didn't do that movie?

0:39:01 - (Tracy): Arnold.

0:39:02 - (Chris): Well, he didn't do his voice. Wasn't his voice.

0:39:06 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:39:06 - (Chris): It's really weird to watch him do.

0:39:08 - (Tracy): Dubbed be dubbed by some I don't know.

0:39:10 - (Chris): But I would agree. Commando is great. Yeah, commando is really good. I recently rewatched that one. I was like, Holy cow, this is fun. Yeah, it's a fun movie. We need movies like that again. Like movies that are quick romps, maybe 90 or 100 minutes long. You don't have to think about it. It's really obvious what's happening. The plot points are super basic, but you're just in there watching someone just kill a bunch of bad guys. Yeah.

0:39:39 - (Chris): There are movies that are sort of that that would fit that bill, but they're so heavy, which that's actually on the list. It's not the next one, but we'll skip ahead because it works.

0:39:50 - (Tracy): And that's John Wick.

0:39:51 - (Chris): Yeah, that's kind of what John Wick is. But it's super heavy. It is mean, there's a couple of quips, but it's not like Commando is know, like he has the bad guy and he's holding him up by his neck over the cliff and he drops him, and then they go, oh, where did the bad guy go? And he goes, I let him it's. Those are the funny quippy, light hearted, although very violent, and lots of dead bad guys. Yeah, but like, John Wick is very emotionally driven.

0:40:24 - (Tracy): Yes.

0:40:24 - (Chris): It's super heavy. He's doing these things for a reason. And let's be honest, I mean, all of Arnold's movies are basically the same thing. All the John Wick movies are all the same, but it's just it's emotionally draining and it's heavy. It's not lighthearted at all. No. So I think what you're saying, if I'm hearing you correctly, is that we need sort of these light hearted action adventure, violent, but light hearted movies.

0:40:51 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:40:52 - (Chris): With periodic boobs. Yeah. Occasional side boob.

0:40:58 - (Tracy): Yeah. I'm in. Where are those at?

0:41:01 - (Chris): Yeah, we need to bring those back. Okay, so the next movie is on here. And this was kind of do we put it on the Sci-fi list? Do we put it on the action adventure list? But it's on the action adventure list. And it's the fifth element. I love this movie. I love a great movie.

0:41:18 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:41:18 - (Chris): Everything about this movie is great. It really is lupusan. If you have not watched any of his movies or many of his movies, really, the entire catalog is worth checking.

0:41:30 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:41:31 - (Chris): Lefem Nikita, one of my very early favorite sort of art films. They made a remake of it, I think, was no Way Out with Bridget Fonda. But the original French you can watch it subbed or dubbed is really good. The original was made by Lucas on no Way Out was not. And then we have the professional. And then there was actually a new one that was I forget the new it's relatively new. And it was the guy's name started with a V and The World of a Thousand Planets or something like that.

0:42:15 - (Chris): Valerian.

0:42:16 - (Tracy): Valerian.

0:42:17 - (Chris): That's lupus on his it I didn't know that. Yeah, and it's not his best work, but it's know, I would say very reminiscent of Fifth Element, actually. Right. But Fifth Element is the one that everyone knows. No. And that's why that's the only one that's on the list. Yeah, but it's really good. Bruce Willis at his Bruce Willis best. Oh, yeah, totally. And Mila Jovovic. Yes. Incredible.

0:42:44 - (Tracy): Yes.

0:42:44 - (Chris): Everybody even Tiny Lister as the president of the world. That was hilarious. Which is a great casting choice as far as I'm concerned. Just incredible.

0:42:54 - (Tracy): Chris Tucker.

0:42:55 - (Chris): Yeah. This is fun.

0:42:58 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:42:59 - (Chris): Just really fun movie. Okay, so we had the MCU.

0:43:05 - (Tracy): Yes.

0:43:05 - (Chris): And so because this is sort of now it's kind of been retconned into the MCU. But at the time that it was made, it was not. Yes. And that's the Spider Man movies that were made by Sam Raimi.

0:43:19 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:43:20 - (Chris): Or the Tobey Maguire movies, if you will.

0:43:22 - (Tracy): Yes.

0:43:24 - (Chris): I prefer to categorize them as Sam Raimi Spider Man movies because they're filmed in such the quintessential Sam Raimi style. Sam raimi style. He has a distinct style, almost more than most other know because his style you can pick it out if you've never seen a movie one of his movies and you've seen it I mean, if you've seen his movies but you haven't seen this other movie, you'd be like, oh, this is clearly a Sam Raimi movie. Like, if you've seen all the Spider Man movies. But then I showed you army of darkness.

0:43:57 - (Chris): You'd be like, oh, well, this is clearly Sam Raimi. The biggest tell is if Bruce Campbell's in that. Yes, that is a big tell. And he also did the multiverse of madness. Yes. Also Sam Raimi. Same style. Very Bruce Campbell. Very horror. And great Bruce Campbell also in that movie.

0:44:18 - (Tracy): Absolutely.

0:44:19 - (Chris): But yeah, that's definitely those are good movies. They're worth these. Those movies bridge the gap for Marvel. From the super comic booky style to what we now know today as the MCU. Yeah. I think it really did kind of bridge that gap.

0:44:34 - (Tracy): Yeah, I would agree.

0:44:36 - (Chris): And then we have Dune. Dune. So I would say the newest one more than the original. The Tom McLaughlin. Yeah. Tom McLaughlin sting. Yeah, I would say so, too. Right. The Timothy chalamet.

0:44:53 - (Tracy): Zendaya.

0:44:55 - (Chris): Yeah, just great. Oscar Isaacs. Dave Batista. There's a scars guard. There is a scarsguard, yes. The next movie, two scars guards.

0:45:06 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:45:10 - (Chris): My other critique of this movie, dune is just felt a little slow, and maybe that's just me.

0:45:17 - (Tracy): It did.

0:45:17 - (Chris): But that's how the book reads. Well, the book is obnoxiously boring.

0:45:23 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:45:23 - (Chris): It's a bazillion pages. And there's like 700 of them.

0:45:27 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:45:28 - (Chris): So you know what it is what it is. It's worth watching. It's really I'm excited for the next one because he's going to ride a sandworm, and I think that's going to be real bitching. Yeah. They almost had somebody there was somebody that was about to ride a sandworm and the whole audience is like, you.

0:45:42 - (Tracy): Just didn't ride a sandworm.

0:45:43 - (Chris): And then she gets killed.

0:45:44 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:45:45 - (Chris): Which I was bummed. I was bummed. So Timothy Chalamet now, I hope they don't follow the line of the books because the books get trippy.

0:45:53 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:45:54 - (Chris): Like Timothy Chalamet's character in the novels eventually turns into a yeah. Which is really weird.

0:46:02 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:46:03 - (Chris): So who knows what they're mean? I think, judging by the pacing of the movie, if they make enough movies to get there, which is probably unlikely, they seem to be following the books. Pretty spice will do it to you.

0:46:20 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:46:21 - (Chris): Too much spice gives you the blue eyes. Hey, kids, stay off the spice.

0:46:25 - (Tracy): Or don't. Whatever.

0:46:29 - (Chris): And then lastly, to round out the list nicely yes. We have deadpool one and two and upcoming three. I'm going to preemptively put Deadpool Three up. Okay, I'm with you.

0:46:40 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:46:40 - (Chris): Let's put it on there. Obviously, we haven't seen the movie yet. No. But I am really excited for this. They just restarted filming.

0:46:46 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:46:46 - (Chris): Because they had paused filming for the yeah.

0:46:49 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:46:49 - (Chris): I'm super excited about it. I mean, Ryan Reynolds interpretation of this character is great. The only reason this movie was made, by the way, is because someone may or may not have been ryan Reynolds, released some test footage. It was definitely ryan released some test footage on the was just it was fun. Yeah, it was great. It was genius.

0:47:07 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:47:08 - (Chris): And he liked the character. He's a Canadian superhero, not unlike Ryan Reynolds himself. True. Kind of an anti hero Canadian. I don't think Ryan Reynolds is an antihero.

0:47:20 - (Tracy): I mean, a little bit.

0:47:25 - (Chris): He'll speak his mind if he has something to say that he isn't necessarily well, he's everyone's Canadian. Smart ass friend.

0:47:33 - (Tracy): Yeah, exactly.

0:47:34 - (Chris): He's great. I'm a big fan. I'm a big fan of Ryan Reynolds.

0:47:38 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:47:38 - (Chris): And this next one has Hugh Jackman coming up in it in the original X Men uniform. The yellow and the black and all that. The yellow and brown or the yellow and blue?

0:47:51 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:47:54 - (Chris): That'S actually one of the things when they were courting him and he said, well, what's the suit going to look like? They said, hey, are you interested in coming back for warriors? What is suit? And he said, are you going to do the original? Are you going to do the yellow and blue?

0:48:07 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:48:07 - (Chris): And they were like, yeah, we are. And he goes, I'm in. Allegedly. Supposedly that's what he said. Allegedly. Deadpool Three is going to make everything.

0:48:16 - (Tracy): Canon, which would be awesome.

0:48:19 - (Chris): Yeah, that would be great. I mean, they are retconning stuff that they had at one point in time said that, like, for instance, Agent Carter was removed from canon.

0:48:31 - (Tracy): It's retconned it's back in.

0:48:33 - (Chris): We'll see what happens. Maybe this will bring everything together. Maybe we'll finally have the grouping of superheroes that we did not get in Avengers Endgame. Maybe Batman will show up. Maybe we'll get RoboCop. Yeah, no, I don't think potentially we're going to I'm not sure that I don't think Bat 27 versions of Superman. No, I don't think that's no. Luke Skywalker is going to show up. Anakin and Darth will both be Luke Skywalker. Anakin and Darth is more possible than Bat.

0:49:08 - (Chris): Look, I'm just telling you what I because at least they're all owned by Disney. Look, Powerpuff Girls are going to be there. That's probably not Ben Ten. I don't even know who that maybe nine.

0:49:17 - (Tracy): Okay.

0:49:18 - (Chris): Nine of the ten the Avatar characters that's Disney ong as M. Night Shyamalan called him Everyone else calls him Aang. Yeah, but M. Night Shyamalan called him ong, so look, all these people are going to show up in this movie, Chris. We'll see literally everyone. Yeah. I don't think all of the Green Lanterns are going to be there. I think none of the Green Lanterns are going to be there. Mark Strong's Green Lantern is going to show up, and he's going to be yellow again. And then he's going to go back to green. That's not Green Lantern.

0:49:48 - (Chris): He's going to do a shade of Sinestro pink. And he's always been his head is pink.

0:49:53 - (Tracy): His face is pink.

0:49:54 - (Chris): Look, I'm just telling you what's happening.

0:49:56 - (Tracy): Yeah, no, that's I was told Gollum's.

0:49:59 - (Chris): Going to be there. Sam Wise is going to show up. Yeah, no, it's real life.

0:50:07 - (Tracy): No, yeah.

0:50:08 - (Chris): I mean, maybe we'll get cable again.

0:50:10 - (Tracy): That'd be cool.

0:50:11 - (Chris): I like Josh Rollins cable. Yeah. We're back in reality. Yes, I think that is definitely a possibility. I was 100% in reality the whole time. I don't know where you were. Not in your reality. I reject your reality and replace it with my own. Maybe we'll have the singing what year was that? The Singing Detective. The singing detective will show up. Detective Pikachu.

0:50:35 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:50:35 - (Chris): That's actually a Ryan Reynolds character. Potentially, I would imagine. You know, everyone's going to be there. It's a hard pass for me. Everyone's going to be there. It's going to be a party. They're all going to take down Dr. Doom. Who's now best friend. Now you're hurting my feelings. Really?

0:50:55 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:50:56 - (Chris): I will tell you what, though. If MCU ever gets to the point where they're doing Dr. Doom, I'm all in. I believe that Dr. Doom is supposed to be the next big bad after Kang. I mean, he's like in the comics, he's the biggest bad.

0:51:10 - (Tracy): Oh, yeah.

0:51:11 - (Chris): And that's what I have heard. That that is the direction that they're going. That's going to be what? Phase seven.

0:51:18 - (Tracy): Really? Yeah.

0:51:19 - (Chris): That Dr. Doom is in the know because we had the Infinity Saga, right? Yeah. And now we have the Kang Saga. And I believe that Dr. Doom is going to be the big bad of the following saga. So that would be after secret wars. Post secret wars. Or maybe he comes I mean, if they're filming Fantastic Four, he may be a villain in this. He could be the villain of that film. Yeah, I think he has to be, right?

0:51:50 - (Tracy): Maybe.

0:51:50 - (Chris): Depends on how big they go. It's still too early for Galactus.

0:51:54 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:51:54 - (Chris): Oh, way too early.

0:51:55 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:51:56 - (Chris): But Dr. Doom is the biggest bad. Yeah. And he would be the bitchinous character to see. I would be so happy to see Dr. Doom yeah.

0:52:04 - (Tracy): Show up.

0:52:08 - (Chris): All right, enough of us spluging on. So this is the part where we ask you to like and subscribe to follow us on our socials. Yeah, they're all the same. It's at CRT's Pod, please. On whatever. C-Y-O-U-R-T-S-P-O-D. If you have an idea or if you have changes to the list you'd like to make, you can definitely leave them there.

0:52:36 - (Tracy): Sure.

0:52:36 - (Chris): Get a hold of us there. Or on the TikToks, on the Instagrams and give your dog a bone. Okay, so we need to come up with Mr. Rogers homework. Yeah, we do. We have Mr. Rogers homework assignment next week. We are going to be doing our Christmas list.

0:52:53 - (Tracy): We have.

0:52:55 - (Chris): Officially although I have started to watch some Christmas movies. We all have. You officially have to start watching them Thursday.

0:53:04 - (Tracy): Friday.

0:53:05 - (Chris): Well, the Christmas time officially begins as soon as Santa appears in the Macy's Parade, which is like 11:00 Pacific.

0:53:16 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:53:18 - (Chris): Is when it airs because it's like nine to eleven. I think is when it airs. So, I mean, if you're here on the West Coast, where we are, then it would be 11:00. But if you're on the East Coast, then it would be 11:00 there, because we're on a delay.

0:53:29 - (Tracy): Here the show.

0:53:32 - (Chris): So that's when Christmas time officially starts. So that evening after when you're sitting around after post football and you're in your turkey coma, throw on Elf or the Santa Claus. It's a little early for a Christmas story. Yeah, I think so. Although I did watch it. I watched it. And you know what else I watched? A Christmas Story.

0:53:55 - (Tracy): Christmas?

0:53:55 - (Chris): The second one. The updated one. Wow. And there is a second one with Daniel Stern in it. Not that one. No, I haven't seen that one.

0:54:02 - (Tracy): And I probably won't.

0:54:03 - (Chris): But it was hard for me. It was very hard for me. Christmas story christmas? Yeah, it was particularly hard. It was a good movie, I thought it was dad. Yeah, it was his relationship with his dad and his dad dying and all that stuff. And we just had the anniversary of my dad's birthday. It's a thing. So I'm still working through it. So that one was hard for me to get through, but it was really good. Okay, so what's the homework assignment? So the homework assignment is to watch we should get them an obscure Christmas movie. An obscure Christmas movie. What's?

0:54:40 - (Tracy): An obscure Christmas movie.

0:54:44 - (Chris): There's not really any really obscure ones.

0:54:47 - (Tracy): Okay.

0:54:48 - (Chris): Do you have one? Kind of.

0:54:49 - (Tracy): Okay.

0:54:50 - (Chris): It's not often watched. Kind of weird. It's not weird weird, but it's fun weird. Go watch four Christmases. Okay.

0:54:57 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:54:58 - (Chris): Reese Withers. Yeah, I saw that. It popped up when I was looking for Christmas movies to watch.

0:55:02 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:55:02 - (Chris): Four Christmas not a lot of people have watched.

0:55:05 - (Tracy): Yeah, but go watch it.

0:55:06 - (Chris): It's on our that's your homework. Watch for Christmases with Vince Vaughn?

0:55:12 - (Tracy): Yes, please.

0:55:13 - (Chris): And I don't know where it's we should tell them where it's streaming really quickly. Oh, did you see that? They changed IMDb. Did they? Yeah, IMDb will tell you with stuff streaming now. No shit.

0:55:23 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:55:23 - (Chris): So we may be able to get.

0:55:25 - (Tracy): Away with yeah, just watch just broke down on me.

0:55:31 - (Chris): So while we sit here and we're looking up where For Christmas is available, when we sit here and try to fill the time for Christmases is available. It's on the max. Is it on okay. On the max. And it's always on TNT and TBS. Yes, it is. And you can rent it for 399 on prime. See how they're look at them.

0:55:58 - (Tracy): Go.

0:55:58 - (Chris): Yeah, you go, IMDBs. So, yeah, rent or watch. Or watch it for free on the Max. A couple struggles to visit all four of their divorced parents on Christmas. So that's why hence the four both parents are divorced and remarried. Both sets of parents are divorced and remarried. So you have four households that they have to visit on Christmas. It says Kristen Chenoworth. Mary Steenberger, american treasure. Kristen Chennaworth.

0:56:29 - (Tracy): Yes.

0:56:30 - (Chris): What's his name? Robert Duvall.

0:56:32 - (Tracy): Yes.

0:56:33 - (Chris): That's what I'm thinking. And Stacey Spasick?

0:56:35 - (Tracy): Yes.

0:56:36 - (Chris): Is one of the moms and or stepmoms. Oh, I just accidentally clicked on. But there's a funny scene in this movie where his former best friend apparently is in a deep relationship with his mom, which is a good time. John Voight.

0:56:55 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:56:55 - (Chris): John Favreau.

0:56:57 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:56:58 - (Chris): Mary Steenbergen. Dwight Yokum. Yeah. Another American treasure.

0:57:02 - (Tracy): Tim McGraw.

0:57:03 - (Chris): This chocolate block full of country singers.

0:57:05 - (Tracy): Yeah.

0:57:05 - (Chris): Kristen Chenowith. Katie Mixon. Who's hilarious. Colleen Camp. And now I'm getting into getting into the weeds a little bit. Let's see. Skyler Gazondo, which you may not know who he is, but he's really funny. He's in the Shazam movie, I think.

0:57:30 - (Tracy): Which one?

0:57:32 - (Chris): The good one or the not good one? Oh, maybe not. Hang on a second. Let me look. Because his face is I'm trying to remember what he's in, but he's in the Righteous Gemstones.

0:57:41 - (Tracy): Okay.

0:57:42 - (Chris): He was in Licorice pizza.

0:57:46 - (Tracy): Let me see.

0:57:48 - (Chris): I'm sorry. This is terrible radio. This is great radio. I'm trying to think of what's big.

0:57:55 - (Tracy): Thing okay, that's all we have for you today.

0:57:58 - (Chris): Thanks for hanging out, y'all. We'll see you. Peace.

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