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Episode 6 Transcripts

0:00:02: Welcome. Welcome to another episode of C Your Ts.

0:00:06: I'm Chris Rogers, and I am not Chris Rogers. I have been called the Willy Wonka of my generation.

0:00:14: Have you?

0:00:15: No, but my name is Tracy Shackelford.

0:00:17: Yes, it is.

0:00:18: That's true. Correct.

0:00:19: You got one right. It's a streak.

0:00:21: One in a row.

0:00:22: Well, I mean, don't call it a comeback.

0:00:24: Yeah.

0:00:25: No, you've been here for years.

0:00:26: No.

0:00:26: We'll get back to Willy Wonka shortly, folks.

0:00:28: Yes, we will. Yeah, we will.

0:00:29: Well, not shortly, but in a while.

0:00:31: So we have another installment of our list for you today.

0:00:35: Hells yeah, we do.

0:00:36: Hopefully you did your homework.

0:00:38: Did you?

0:00:39: If you did.

0:00:42: Should we give them a gold star? You get a gold star. Or a new pair of run shoes.

0:00:46: On your report card. Or a new pair of.

0:00:48: Yeah.

0:00:49: If you did, you heard some really.

0:00:51: Badass music is what you did.

0:00:53: So your homework was to listen to.

0:00:54: The forest gun soundtrack.

0:00:56: Yes.

0:00:56: Which we will be getting to that.

0:00:57: Film in a little bit. It's definitely on the list. Probably could have figured out it is.

0:01:05: One of the greatest films of a.

0:01:07: Generation, I would dare say, of all time.

0:01:11: Yeah, it's really good.

0:01:14: So we have our drama list for you today. So just in case this is the.

0:01:19: First time you're listening, the list of movies that we have for you is.

0:01:24: A list of movies. Not necessarily the top movies, although there are certainly many of these movies are top movies.

0:01:31: Yes.

0:01:32: Not necessarily our favorite movies, although a.

0:01:35: Lot of them are.

0:01:36: Yes.

0:01:37: This is a list of movies that you need to see if you want.

0:01:41: To be culturally literate and if you.

0:01:44: Want to be involved in the conversation.

0:01:46: If the conversation shifts towards film, film.

0:01:49: History or film influence on pop culture, these are the movies you need to see in order to be involved in that conversation.

0:01:58: Yeah.

0:01:58: You want to know why people are yelling, Stella?

0:02:00: Yeah, exactly. Or talking about Rosebud.

0:02:03: Yes.

0:02:04: Or crying in the wind. I don't know what that's for.

0:02:09: I don't either. No.

0:02:10: But there is that movie, dare I say it might be the greatest Stephen King adaptation of all time.

0:02:18: Yeah. Where? Gone with the wind. Yeah.

0:02:21: No.

0:02:22: Wow.

0:02:23: Although I would totally watch that. I went to King adaptation of Gone with the wind.

0:02:28: That would be so dark.

0:02:29: Yes.

0:02:30: Kind of weird monster.

0:02:31: From your lips to Stephen King's ears.

0:02:33: Yeah.

0:02:33: I was going to talk about Tim Robbins crying in the.

0:02:37: Yeah, definitely.

0:02:38: Oh, you're typing on the list again, Chris.

0:02:41: I'm the worst. He keeps pressing the talk to type button.

0:02:45: Yeah.

0:02:45: And he keeps adding a bunch of comments.

0:02:47: I gotta stop okay, I'm gonna stop touching it.

0:02:49: Yeah, that's what she has to scroll.

0:02:51: Down a little bit. Did she?

0:02:52: That's. That's unfortunate.

0:02:54: Okay, so this is our list.

0:02:57: So this is the drama list. And actually, the drama list is quite long.

0:03:00: It's huge.

0:03:00: And so that's what she said. And so we had to break it up into two. So we will be doing the first.

0:03:08: Half of the drama list this week.

0:03:10: Yeah, this is part un.

0:03:12: Now, what's a drama?

0:03:14: So we've actually compiled sort of, or combined several sort of subgenres of film.

0:03:20: So, like suspense, thriller.

0:03:26: There'S a few. Romance, not a lot, but there's a couple.

0:03:30: Yeah, those types of.

0:03:33: And then just straight up what you.

0:03:35: Would consider just drama.

0:03:37: Those are the movies that are on this list.

0:03:39: Not the rom coms, though, right?

0:03:41: No, that would be comedy.

0:03:43: And we're talking about interpersonal relationships, not happy ones. Not that kind of drama.

0:03:48: Yeah, no, not the kind of that you get from having a house full of teenage girls. Girl dad.

0:03:57: Girl dad.

0:03:58: Sorry.

0:04:01: Okay, so why don't we get into it?

0:04:03: Sure.

0:04:03: All right, so our first movie, and.

0:04:09: These are in no particular order.

0:04:10: They're in the order of that.

0:04:11: We thought of them mostly Chris thought.

0:04:14: About, but we both contributed.

0:04:16: Yeah, we did.

0:04:16: So the first movie is the right.

0:04:19: Stuff, which has huge influence.

0:04:24: Does.

0:04:25: We talked about this a little bit when we did the action adventure, and we talked about the sort of the.

0:04:31: Ensemble action movie kind of thing.

0:04:35: We talked about the dirty dozen and magnificent seven and most of the MCU movies. And this is that as well. Sure.

0:04:44: There's a huge cast of some great actors.

0:04:49: Yes.

0:04:50: And there's been a great deal of influence.

0:04:55: I mean, influence, top gun. There's even a nod to this film in Captain Marvel.

0:05:00: Yeah, there.

0:05:02: So it's a really good movie if you're into.

0:05:08: Fighter pilot type movies, if.

0:05:10: You'Re into astronaut movies, if you're into just generally good acting. It's all about the history of the space program, the earliest part of the space program.

0:05:23: But it's not just a.

0:05:24: Bunch of guys flying planes and doing high fives while they're playing sweaty beach volleyball.

0:05:30: What if it's football?

0:05:32: It could be that, too, but it's also about their relationships with their families and kind of think of it as like the prequel to Apollo 13.

0:05:40: Yeah, but it happened way before it did.

0:05:43: So both chronologically in the movies, in.

0:05:47: Movie time, but also when it was released. Anyway, go watch it.

0:05:51: Yeah, definitely. You should see that. The right stuff. Absolutely.

0:05:53: You should see that?

0:05:55: The next entry is just a whole.

0:05:57: Bunch of movies with a whole bunch of different leads.

0:06:00: With a whole bunch of different leads.

0:06:01: So many.

0:06:02: And if you haven't figured it out.

0:06:03: Yet, we're talking about James Bond.

0:06:06: Yes.

0:06:06: Who's your James Bond?

0:06:10: I have a few, actually, but I mean, my generational James Bond is Roger Moore.

0:06:15: Okay.

0:06:16: That is who I knew as James Bond. The first James Bond movie I ever.

0:06:19: Saw in theaters was Moon, which was his first. Which was his first movie. Roger Moore wanted to change the perception of James Bond. When he started doing the movies, he was a pacifist.

0:06:38: He was.

0:06:39: Didn't like all the gunshoting and all of that.

0:06:41: And he also wanted to kind of.

0:06:44: Bring the sort of tongue in cheek.

0:06:46: More funny aspects to it.

0:06:48: And I think he was successful in that.

0:06:50: Yeah, but I mean, James Bond, at the end of the day is a spy.

0:06:53: No, without a doubt. I don't think you asked who was my James Bond. I don't think he was the best James Bond.

0:06:59: No.

0:07:01: Nor do I think that Sean Connery was the best James Bond.

0:07:04: Sean Connery is my father's James Bond.

0:07:07: But that James Bond was the womanizing.

0:07:10: Yes.

0:07:11: Almost to the point of misogyny.

0:07:14: Yeah, very much so.

0:07:15: Yeah, I think probably the best James Bond. Definitely Timothy Dalton. I'm kidding.

0:07:21: Wow, that was a Turn. I was not.

0:07:24: Yeah.

0:07:24: Well, I thought I'd throw you a speed bump there. No, absolutely.

0:07:27: I'm kidding.

0:07:27: I think Pierce Ross, if my generation. He's my generational James Bond. Yeah, I think so.

0:07:35: But I think he was the best James Bond. Now I really enjoy Daniel Craig.

0:07:40: Daniel Craig.

0:07:41: Yeah, I think he's a good James Bond.

0:07:43: I think he is a departure from the source material, but I think they've.

0:07:47: Had know depart from Aan Fleming. Obviously, he's been gone for quite some time.

0:07:52: Well, the Daniel Craig one is supposed.

0:07:55: To be the kind of answer to the action adventure aspect of James Bond.

0:08:02: Right.

0:08:03: Those movies are very different.

0:08:04: They're not spy thrillers or things.

0:08:07: I mean, they are still spy thrillers.

0:08:08: They're not very techy.

0:08:10: There's a little bit of that, but not nearly enough, in my opinion.

0:08:13: Yeah.

0:08:14: And they're kind of reminiscent of like a boring series. Yeah.

0:08:19: Kind of gritty. Absolutely. And I mean, the series has changed as society has changed.

0:08:27: And I think that each iteration has.

0:08:29: Been kind of a reflection of the society at a time.

0:08:33: Yeah.

0:08:33: I mean, if you go way back to George Lazenby.

0:08:36: Right. In the original, that was so long ago.

0:08:41: I've only seen clips.

0:08:42: I've never actually seen the original Casino Royale.

0:08:45: Nor have I. I think that was.

0:08:47: The original movie, right?

0:08:48: Casino Royale.

0:08:48: Hold on, I'm gonna look it up.

0:08:49: I believe that was the case.

0:08:51: And I'm pretty sure I'm right on his name.

0:08:54: That's way before my time.

0:08:56: The first one was actually Dr. No.

0:08:59: With Sean Connery in 1962. Yeah, that's Sean Connery. Yeah, no, there was.

0:09:03: Before that, there was a George Lazenby.

0:09:05: Bit, I think was his name.

0:09:07: I don't see any George Lazenby bits.

0:09:10: Let's see.

0:09:12: So this makes great radio. Yes, it does.

0:09:14: Isn't this great, guys? Don't you like seeing?

0:09:16: Especially if you can watch us? Yeah, we're just both on our phones, shooting the shit, doing our thing. Here we go.

0:09:23: George Lazenbee, actor and her Majesty's Secret Service. So I was right on the name.

0:09:32: Good for you, Rogers.

0:09:35: Do you win an award?

0:09:36: I win nothing.

0:09:40: Let's see. 1968, on her Majesty's Secret Service. New James Bond meets Press.

0:09:46: That was like a documentary about it.

0:09:49: Oh, that's when he played himself. Okay, sorry, I'm scrolling the wrong way. 62 footage.

0:09:54: One.

0:09:55: And it was based on the novel from 1958.

0:09:59: Okay, so in 1969 on Her Majesty.

0:10:01: Secret service was when he played James Bond.

0:10:05: I thought he was the first one.

0:10:07: No, I was mistaken. So it was Sean Connery from 62 to 67, then George Lazenby in 69.

0:10:16: And then Sean Connery again at 71 for diamonds are forever.

0:10:20: Yes. Followed by Roger Moore, and then Chris's ultimate James Bond, Timothy Dalton.

0:10:29: When was.

0:10:31: Never say never again.

0:10:33: Never say that.

0:10:35: Was Sean Connery coming back to the role after.

0:10:38: No.

0:10:38: Sean Connery came back to the role.

0:10:40: With diamonds are forever. Okay, so here's the list.

0:10:43: Okay, let's have it.

0:10:46: 62, Dr. No Sean Connery, 63 from.

0:10:50: Russia with love, Sean Connery.

0:10:53: 64. Goldfinger.

0:10:54: Great video game with Sean Connery.

0:10:57: 65. Thunderball with Sean Connery.

0:10:59: 67.

0:11:00: You only live twice with Sean Connery. 69. George Lazenby on her Majesty's secret service. 71. Diamonds are forever with Sean Connery. And then the following movies are all.

0:11:14: Roger Moore, live and let die, the.

0:11:16: Man with the golden gun, the spy who loved me, Moonraker, for your eyes only, octopussy.

0:11:23: A view to kill the living Lebon. Yeah, the living daylights.

0:11:29: I'm sorry, no.

0:11:31: And then the next couple are Timothy.

0:11:34: Dalton, 87 is the living daylights, and 89 is licensed to kill.

0:11:38: He missed one. No, I didn't. 83.

0:11:41: Never say never again.

0:11:42: Sean.

0:11:42: No.

0:11:42: 83 was octopusy. Or maybe I just looked it up.

0:11:49: Dang it. 83.

0:11:50: Never seen ever again.

0:11:51: Sean Connery, Kim Basinger. I don't see that anymore.

0:11:54: Is that a James Bond movie?

0:11:56: Spectre agent.

0:11:56: Yeah. Are you sure?

0:11:57: Yeah, I'm looking at it right there.

0:11:59: See?

0:11:59: Never say never again. James Bond, a Spectre agent has stolen.

0:12:02: Two american nuclear warheads.

0:12:03: And James Bond must find their targets before they're detonated. Say never. Never say never again. A gang.

0:12:09: Yeah.

0:12:10: Max von Seatau was in. Oh, did he actually play James?

0:12:16: Yes, he did. I saw in theaters.

0:12:22: Interesting.

0:12:22: Yeah, there's a whole motorcycle chase inside.

0:12:24: Of indoors in that one. Like tunnels. Well, there's non.

0:12:30: Maybe broccoli wasn't the producer of it or something.

0:12:32: No. Okay.

0:12:37: So those are non canon movies. Okay, so there's two non canon movies. Casino Royale in 1967.

0:12:46: David Niven.

0:12:47: Yeah, that's the one I was thinking of. Got it.

0:12:49: Right.

0:12:50: And then there's the 1983 movie never.

0:12:53: Say never again with Sean Connery. And those are the non eon movies.

0:13:00: I guess eon was the producer.

0:13:02: Yeah, or the. Albert R. Broccoli was the original producer.

0:13:07: So I guess Eon was the distributor.

0:13:09: Oh, okay. But apparently they're considered to be parody Bond movies. That's BS.

0:13:16: You know what they are. What they are.

0:13:18: Anyway, let's finish this list.

0:13:20: Yeah, please.

0:13:21: 95 to 80 or 2002.

0:13:24: Chris Brosnan, Goldeneye and 64.

0:13:29: Great game.

0:13:30: Yeah, great game.

0:13:31: Tomorrow never dies.

0:13:32: The world is not enough.

0:13:33: Die another day.

0:13:35: And then from 2006 to 2021. It's a long time for someone to.

0:13:39: Be a James Bond.

0:13:40: Casino Royale, Quantum of solace, Skyfall, Specter.

0:13:45: And no time to die.

0:13:47: Yeah, well, and part of the reason why that was such a long time is because there was a lot longer in between.

0:13:52: Mean.

0:13:53: Okay, so it was two years, then.

0:13:55: Four years, then three years, then six were.

0:13:59: They were like during the Roger Moore era.

0:14:00: I think most of he had just as many movies, but just in a shorter period of time.

0:14:07: Well, the other one, the no time to die, that was delayed, like, two years.

0:14:11: Covid.

0:14:11: Yeah, thanks for Covid.

0:14:14: Anyways, that's the JS bond list. We've been on there for like twelve.

0:14:18: Yeah, that's way too long.

0:14:19: But anyway, if you haven't seen them.

0:14:22: I don't know what to say. What are you doing with your life?

0:14:24: Yeah, you should definitely watch those movies now.

0:14:27: Why are they dramas and not action adventure? Because we said so.

0:14:31: Boom.

0:14:32: Yeah, there you go.

0:14:33: There's your receipt.

0:14:34: People.

0:14:34: Do you like them apples? Okay, so next, the karate kid.

0:14:41: Which ones? The first two.

0:14:45: Oh, not karate kid three.

0:14:46: No.

0:14:47: What about the return of the karate kid?

0:14:48: No.

0:14:49: What about the.

0:14:50: Don't even mention will Smith's kid.

0:14:52: That one's getting a sequel. Yes, I know.

0:14:54: Well.

0:14:55: But Ralph Macchio's in it.

0:14:57: Yes.

0:14:57: And Jackie Chan. Yeah.

0:14:59: I don't.

0:14:59: World's colliding.

0:15:00: It is.

0:15:01: Dogs and cats living together.

0:15:02: Mass hysteria.

0:15:04: Yeah.

0:15:05: I don't know what to think. Yeah, it's crazy, but, I mean, if it's got Jackie Chan in it, I'll.

0:15:09: Give it a know.

0:15:11: He's pretty good in everything he does.

0:15:12: I enjoy.

0:15:15: Yeah.

0:15:15: The credit. Great ones. Credit one, credit two.

0:15:18: Yes.

0:15:18: Excellent.

0:15:19: Yep.

0:15:20: I was kind of bummed that Elizabeth Shu wasn't. She wasn't in the second one, was she?

0:15:23: No.

0:15:24: Well, they were in Okinawa.

0:15:25: Yeah.

0:15:26: And so it was a new female of interest.

0:15:28: Yeah.

0:15:29: And I think they explained her not being in with, like, a line of dialogue or something like that.

0:15:32: She had dumped him or something like that.

0:15:34: Of course she did. He was all bummed at the beginning.

0:15:36: Because she dumped him.

0:15:38: Teenage age. And then he was, like, 30 in those movies.

0:15:41: Yeah, he was way old. The ironic thing is, if you put us both in a room together and I'm a pretty young looking guy for my age, I think I look younger than I am.

0:15:51: Sure.

0:15:51: I'm not going to say how old.

0:15:52: I am, but I'm older than this appears. Not that this appears any younger than whatever, anyway.

0:16:01: But he's a lot older than I am.

0:16:03: And you put us in a room together and everyone would guess I was older than. He just looks young. Yeah.

0:16:10: And my cousin Vinny, he was like. Wasn't he, like 45 in that movie?

0:16:14: He's pretty old.

0:16:14: Yeah.

0:16:15: He was doing like a.

0:16:17: What was he?

0:16:17: He was playing like a 23 year old college student.

0:16:22: Could have been a professor. Yeah.

0:16:24: So anyway, that's karate kid next. This movie, in retrospect, is problematic for some people.

0:16:33: Well, it's not historically accurate.

0:16:35: It's not historically.

0:16:36: I just meant by who the actor director is.

0:16:40: I know which one you're talking about. So you're talking about.

0:16:45: No. Although that's a great movie.

0:16:48: No, I'm just saying.

0:16:49: Just because it's Mel Gibson.

0:16:50: So we're talking about Braveheart.

0:16:52: Yeah, we are.

0:16:53: Braveheart is a movie is nowhere near historically accurate.

0:16:57: Okay.

0:16:58: William Wallace was never even in the.

0:17:00: Same city as the.

0:17:06: You know, there's all kinds of different things.

0:17:08: So you're saying fiction is not real?

0:17:11: Yeah.

0:17:12: I can't believe I am, but. Yes, I am saying that. But I guess the point that I'm trying to make is that it doesn't.

0:17:17: Really affect my enjoyment of the.

0:17:19: No, it's a historical epic.

0:17:22: But the problematic part of it was not that. I think just because of who he.

0:17:26: Is and kind of what he's done in the past and some things I.

0:17:30: Try to separate the artist from the art.

0:17:32: You are pretty good at that.

0:17:34: And so I am able to still enjoy a film for the sake of the film.

0:17:40: There's hundreds and thousands of people that.

0:17:43: Worked hard on this movie.

0:17:45: Maybe not thousands, but there's hundreds.

0:17:47: There's a lot of actors that worked hard on this movie and deserve the credit for making a good film just.

0:17:52: Because one guy had some pretty problematic things that he said.

0:17:57: Yeah.

0:17:58: So I guess what I'm saying is my enjoyment of this film is by no means an endorsement of anything that.

0:18:03: They do outside of the confines of the framing of the film.

0:18:08: Thank you for clarifying that. Hold on.

0:18:10: That's important.

0:18:10: Spider.

0:18:11: On your spider.

0:18:12: Oh, nice.

0:18:12: No, it's just.

0:18:13: It's a fuzzy.

0:18:15: Well, that's what I used to call balls.

0:18:21: Yeah.

0:18:21: Braveheart. Really good movie.

0:18:23: It's fun to watch.

0:18:23: Really? Yeah.

0:18:24: Really well made.

0:18:25: It is a long. Well, at the time, it was an incredibly long movie. Now it's slightly above average in length.

0:18:34: Look.

0:18:34: Well, I mean, it's 3 hours.

0:18:36: Me too, but, yeah.

0:18:42: All right.

0:18:43: That's where we're going today, folks.

0:18:45: All right.

0:18:47: Okay. So parts of this movie are a.

0:18:49: Little bit of a slog to get through.

0:18:50: They can't. It does drag in very small parts.

0:18:54: Yes.

0:18:58: If you put this up against an.

0:18:59: Ultra long movie like endgame or something like that.

0:19:03: The Avengers endgame.

0:19:04: Yeah.

0:19:04: That doesn't feel like 3 hours.

0:19:06: Director's cut of return of the king. Oh, God, that's super long. Yeah.

0:19:11: That's basically like reading Tolkien at that.

0:19:14: You know, you can also remember that Andy Warhol made a movie that was.

0:19:17: 8 hours long called sleep. And it was just a person's sleep. Of course it was. That's a long movie. Andy Warhol did a lot of weird things.

0:19:24: Yes, he did.

0:19:25: He was an artist.

0:19:25: Yeah, he was.

0:19:26: He painted it at soup, among other things.

0:19:33: Okay, so speaking of historical dramas. Right, JFK, next on our list.

0:19:39: Yeah.

0:19:39: JFK. We were just there at dealy Plaza this summer.

0:19:42: Yeah, very. If you get a chance, go.

0:19:46: It's a very interesting museum. It's very cool.

0:19:48: But it's just weird. Surreal to me.

0:19:50: There's a big x painted on the.

0:19:51: Ground where the limo was and the.

0:19:55: Street is not closed. Off or anything.

0:19:56: No, it's a street.

0:19:57: When we left, we drove right on.

0:19:58: The route that he went on.

0:20:01: I've been there.

0:20:02: Yeah, it's a good movie.

0:20:03: And again, you have to take it sort of.

0:20:08: It's not necessarily historically accurate. If you watch that movie, you're like, oh, my God, it's clear who killed JFK.

0:20:13: Yeah, but you have to remember it's not necessarily. It's based on a case that was brought in Louisiana, like, several years after JFK was assassinated. Naturally, that ended up not really going anywhere.

0:20:27: Makes sense.

0:20:28: So take that for what it is.

0:20:31: But that doesn't mean it's not a great movie. There's so many people in the movie. If you're a fan of the Kevin.

0:20:37: Bacon game, because Kevin Bacon is in.

0:20:40: The movie and there's so many other actors in it. I mean, we're talking about Joe Pesci.

0:20:43: Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones and Ed Harris.

0:20:51: Basically everyone. That was a big deal.

0:20:53: Jack Lemon.

0:20:55: I mean, so many people. And the fact that Kevin Bacon's in it, it just makes it a great.

0:20:59: Movie for the Kevin Bacon. Seven degrees of Kevin Bacon.

0:21:02: Yeah.

0:21:03: I used to be like a professional.

0:21:06: Six degrees of Kevin Bacon person. And this was before IMDb or anything like that.

0:21:14: I think I did Charlie Chaplin. Okay.

0:21:18: I couldn't do it now, but, yeah.

0:21:23: I was proud of that moment. It should be one of my great moments.

0:21:27: Okay, next we have the homework assignment.

0:21:30: The homework assignment. So, Forrest Gump. Yeah.

0:21:33: It's such a good movie. I mean, anything that Tom Hanks does is brilliant.

0:21:41: Sally Field, Gary sinise.

0:21:44: Yeah.

0:21:46: Just so many. Robin Wright.

0:21:47: Robin Wright.

0:21:48: Oh, yeah.

0:21:48: Robin Wright.

0:21:48: Penn. Absolutely.

0:21:49: Nay. Robin Wright.

0:21:53: Yeah.

0:21:54: I mean, just amazing. If there were ever a perfect film, this would be.

0:22:01: It's in the conversation.

0:22:02: Without a doubt. Yeah, it's absolutely in the conversation. It is a great movie.

0:22:07: If you haven't seen it, you must see this movie.

0:22:11: If somebody told me, come up with.

0:22:13: A list of your top five absolute, you must see this movie. If you're a human being, that would definitely be on the list.

0:22:19: I would agree.

0:22:21: So it's not even about cultural. I mean, it is absolutely culturally relevant. How many times have you heard life is like a box of chocolates, but you ain't got no legs and tailored band?

0:22:33: I mean, people. Yeah, there's jokes and everything. And the fact that the movie came out. Let's see.

0:22:43: I'm going to look this up.

0:22:44: It was 2032 years ago.

0:22:47: When did Forrest Gump come out?

0:22:48: I'm thinking 91 or 92 is when.

0:22:51: I. July 6, 1994.

0:22:54: Oh, all right.

0:22:58: Yeah. 30 years ago next summer.

0:23:00: So 29 years ago.

0:23:02: And the fact that it's still mentioned.

0:23:04: So much, it just gives you an idea.

0:23:07: So, absolutely belongs on the list.

0:23:09: 100%.

0:23:10: Absolutely. Now, this next one, I have to.

0:23:12: Say, I only watch this while I'm eating fava beans and a nice canti.

0:23:18: Well, I'm not much of a canti guy, but sometimes I'll have a nice glass.

0:23:23: So we're talking about silence of lambs.

0:23:24: Yes.

0:23:26: Wonderful movie.

0:23:28: Really well made.

0:23:29: Yeah.

0:23:32: Buffalo Bill still creeps me out. Oh. So, yeah.

0:23:38: Was she a big, fat person?

0:23:41: Yeah.

0:23:42: That's a pretty good impression of buffalo bills.

0:23:44: Frightening.

0:23:45: Yeah.

0:23:45: You like that?

0:23:48: You get to sit next to me. Oh, God. So at least I didn't do the other one.

0:23:52: Oh, yeah.

0:23:53: Thank you.

0:23:54: But I mean, again, quotable.

0:23:56: Right?

0:23:57: How many times have you heard people talk about putting lotion into baskets?

0:24:00: Yeah.

0:24:01: Anytime somebody decides to do the ugly woman for their girlfriend, impress their girlfriend.

0:24:07: That'S obviously a reference. Absolutely great film.

0:24:13: Just makes your skin crawl. It really does.

0:24:16: And it holds up so.

0:24:18: Really does.

0:24:20: Yeah.

0:24:20: Absolutely.

0:24:21: Holds up really well. I mean, except for, like, the outfits are wearing. A little dated, but if you were.

0:24:30: Going to make a period piece that.

0:24:32: Took place during that time, that's exactly.

0:24:35: How you would dress. You know what I'm saying? So you could say, oh, it was made this year. And if you didn't know the actors.

0:24:42: And they're clearly younger than they are.

0:24:44: Now, if you didn't know the actors.

0:24:47: And you would totally buy that it was made.

0:24:50: Sure.

0:24:50: Right.

0:24:52: I mean, it's really well done.

0:24:53: Yeah. Next movie, stand by me.

0:24:59: Stephen King.

0:25:00: Yeah.

0:25:01: Based on a Stephen King story.

0:25:03: Short story.

0:25:04: Yep.

0:25:07: Just an amazing movie, especially if you are male that grew up in the age before Internet.

0:25:18: Obviously.

0:25:18: The story takes place many, many decades.

0:25:21: Before I was a kid.

0:25:22: Yeah.

0:25:23: But the experience of these boys was very similar to my own experience growing up.

0:25:27: Yeah, I agree. Yeah.

0:25:31: We didn't go find a body, but.

0:25:35: My friends and I packed up backpacks and went out into the woods and camped for a couple of days.

0:25:39: My parents were like, okay, Gen X. We were pretty feral generation.

0:25:43: Yeah.

0:25:44: My parents were like, okay, have fun.

0:25:45: Don't get killed. Yeah.

0:25:50: It was not too far off from.

0:25:52: Experiences that I had, so it speaks to me in particular and people who had a similar upbringing.

0:26:00: Sure.

0:26:01: But it is absolutely an amazing film.

0:26:04: Yeah.

0:26:05: Jerry O'Connell, Will Wheaton, River Phoenix, Corey Feldman.

0:26:09: Yeah.

0:26:11: And Kiefer Sutherland.

0:26:12: Yeah.

0:26:15: The cast of that movie is like.

0:26:16: What, ten people, maybe.

0:26:18: It's really small.

0:26:19: The main four.

0:26:20: Right.

0:26:20: Which is 90% of the film.

0:26:22: And then you have Keefer Sutherland and, like, three of his friends.

0:26:26: And then, like, the guy that is in the shop.

0:26:28: Right.

0:26:28: That they go into.

0:26:30: Oh, it's a junkyard.

0:26:31: Yeah.

0:26:31: Or they take the bottles to trade them in or whatever.

0:26:33: Yeah.

0:26:34: And that's the entire cast and then the body.

0:26:39: But, yeah.

0:26:40: Just an absolutely amazing feel. Oh, I guess there's more people in the scene where he's telling the story about the bear.

0:26:48: A lot of people.

0:26:49: There's a crowd scene.

0:26:50: The main cast.

0:26:51: Main cast is four people, 90. We may be experiencing technical difficulties. We may still be recording.

0:28:01: Hey, so you may have lost us there for a second.

0:28:04: Yeah, we're back, luckily. Probably.

0:28:07: Maybe. I know.

0:28:07: If we were ever here.

0:28:09: So that was stand by me. That was. We were talking about. We were pretty much finished with that one.

0:28:14: Absolutely.

0:28:15: You should see it.

0:28:16: Please. And then next we have. I can't handle this movie or the truth.

0:28:21: Yeah.

0:28:22: I mean, I could, but you can't.

0:28:24: I definitely can't.

0:28:25: No.

0:28:26: And we're talking about a few good men.

0:28:27: Yes, we are.

0:28:28: A very, very good movie. Courtroom drama again, quoted so much in.

0:28:35: Other films and other things and.

0:28:39: Yeah, just a great movie. Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, Keeper, Sutherland again. He shows up a lot.

0:28:45: He does.

0:28:45: Well, I mean, he's a dramatic.

0:28:50: Just.

0:28:50: Yeah.

0:28:51: Great film.

0:28:53: Great. Long time, then. Yeah, absolutely.

0:28:55: You should see it. Please.

0:28:57: And the next.

0:28:58: Another military movie. A lot of military movies in this list. Or this part of the list anyway. Saving Private Ryan. Saving Ryan's private. Different film, different genre.

0:29:12: Oh, yeah.

0:29:13: Not that it shouldn't have won just as many awards.

0:29:15: I mean, there was a lot of penis in that.

0:29:19: Yeah.

0:29:20: We're talking about saving Private Ryan, however.

0:29:23: Oh, I see what I did there. Mixed up the words.

0:29:28: My bad. You mixed those up just a little bit.

0:29:32: Okay.

0:29:33: This is the one with Matt Damon and Tom Hanks.

0:29:36: Tom Hanks.

0:29:37: And was one of the scarsgards in this movie.

0:29:40: No, I don't believe it. Has Scarsguard. Had a lot of people. Had a lot of people.

0:29:46: And Tom Sizemore.

0:29:48: Oh, that's Rip.

0:29:49: Yeah.

0:29:50: Rip.

0:29:50: Yeah.

0:29:51: He was in this movie before he went nuts.

0:29:53: Right?

0:29:54: Yes.

0:29:58: Just a brilliant, brilliant film.

0:30:00: I would say the first 510 minutes of the film.

0:30:06: Some of the best. Spoken as someone who was definitely not there, but seems to me to be some of the most realistic World War.

0:30:17: II movie footage ever.

0:30:20: Yeah.

0:30:21: Not that the rest of it wasn't.

0:30:22: But it was just, I mean, it.

0:30:24: Was so incredibly impactful.

0:30:28: And I think this movie led to some other amazing things. The series. The two series.

0:30:35: The band of brothers and the Pacific.

0:30:37: Yeah.

0:30:37: Okay.

0:30:37: Made by the same.

0:30:38: Yeah. Yeah.

0:30:39: Let me name this list of actors here.

0:30:42: Please do.

0:30:43: If this were ever a school of acting.

0:30:45: Yeah.

0:30:45: Oh, I mean, here it is.

0:30:46: Right.

0:30:46: Tom Hanks, Edward Burns.

0:30:49: Tom Sizemore.

0:30:50: Jeremy Davies. A young Vin Diesel.

0:30:53: Yes.

0:30:54: Adam Goldberg. Barry Pepper.

0:30:56: Yes.

0:30:57: Who is in.

0:30:59: He's in a show, a new show right now.

0:31:01: He's killing it. Yeah.

0:31:03: A very young Giovanni Rabisi.

0:31:05: Yes.

0:31:05: Very, very young.

0:31:06: Yeah.

0:31:06: Matt Damon.

0:31:08: Dennis Farina. Yes. Ted Danson.

0:31:12: Yes. Harve Prezno.

0:31:15: Harve.

0:31:15: President.

0:31:16: I don't know who that is.

0:31:16: Yeah.

0:31:17: Brian Cranston.

0:31:19: I forgot Brian Cranston was in this movie.

0:31:21: Oh, yeah. I had forgotten, too.

0:31:23: He was an officer in the war department.

0:31:24: Yep.

0:31:25: Nathan Fillion, believe it or not.

0:31:27: Paul Giamani. I mean, that guy's golden.

0:31:31: Ryan Hurst. Max Martini and Leland Orsur. And there was a whole bunch of.

0:31:38: Side actors on top.

0:31:39: Nathan Fillion was the one who they.

0:31:42: Thought was Private Ryan.

0:31:44: Yeah.

0:31:44: But he wasn't.

0:31:44: And he wasn't. Yeah.

0:31:46: He was the wrong Ryan. He had same last name, different Ryan.

0:31:50: But I was like, holy cow.

0:31:52: Yeah.

0:31:52: No, that is.

0:31:53: It's.

0:31:55: Yeah, it is an ensemble.

0:31:58: Really.

0:31:59: Yeah.

0:31:59: Just incredibly casted.

0:32:01: Incredibly.

0:32:05: Hanks. Yeah.

0:32:07: And all of the other, as Chris says, all the other offshoots of this.

0:32:11: Movie, the documentaries, it led to.

0:32:17: All.

0:32:17: Of those, know, civic and band of brothers and so many.

0:32:22: Yeah.

0:32:23: The success of this movie allowed for.

0:32:27: Pearl Harbor, I think, to be made and.

0:32:29: Yeah.

0:32:30: Just an incredible, incredible, incredible film.

0:32:34: If you're looking for a war movie that will keep you. If you've never seen it and you're looking for a war movie that will keep you from sleeping for at least.

0:32:40: The day that you watch it, this is the one you're looking for.

0:32:44: Definitely.

0:32:45: That.

0:32:45: It did bring back that whole war gritty war drama.

0:32:51: Epic.

0:32:52: Yeah.

0:32:52: Epic wardrobe. Yeah, absolutely.

0:32:54: I would say epic.

0:32:55: Yeah.

0:32:57: Another one of those.

0:32:59: Another one of those war gritty war epics.

0:33:01: Apocalypse now. Yeah.

0:33:03: Based on a book. This one screwed me up, but very.

0:33:07: Different from the book.

0:33:08: Congo.

0:33:08: Different river. Yeah.

0:33:11: This one is pretty crazy. And there's a documentary about this movie.

0:33:20: Called Heart of Darkness that is pretty amazing to watch, but it's just Lawrence Fishburne.

0:33:34: Martin Sheen.

0:33:35: Yeah.

0:33:35: Martin Sheen as a reference. Yeah.

0:33:40: Nobody gets that reference.

0:33:41: Yeah.

0:33:41: Maybe this is me.

0:33:45: Yeah. Very young.

0:33:46: I think 19 year old Lawrence Fishburne was in this movie. Robert Duvall, Martin Sheen. Yeah.

0:33:56: Robert Duvall. One of the most.

0:33:59: This movie was dark.

0:34:02: Super dark.

0:34:03: Super dark.

0:34:03: Brando. Brilliant.

0:34:05: Yeah.

0:34:06: As he is in everything.

0:34:07: If you think saving Ryan's privates would keep you up for a long time.

0:34:10: Yeah.

0:34:11: Apocalypse now will keep you up.

0:34:12: You may never sleep again.

0:34:13: No.

0:34:14: If you really get into it and allow yourself to really be pulled into.

0:34:16: The movie and just kind of, if.

0:34:18: You go down the Dennis Hopper route. I'd completely, for a second I had.

0:34:23: Forgotten that he was in the film.

0:34:24: Yeah.

0:34:25: I was just sitting here thinking, remembering Robert Duvall's performance and the line where.

0:34:29: He'S talking about napalm smells like victory and just the whole thing and just how, I mean, the whole movie is.

0:34:37: About in war, you can lose your.

0:34:39: Yeah, yeah.

0:34:40: And it's an absolutely amazing film. I have not seen it in years.

0:34:46: And now I'm going to have to.

0:34:47: Go back and watch it. But it's got to hold up.

0:34:49: I've got to believe it.

0:34:50: Okay, let's go on to something a little lighter.

0:34:52: Yeah.

0:34:53: The Dark Knight.

0:34:54: Yeah.

0:34:55: Okay.

0:34:57: I guess it's based on a comic book, kind of.

0:35:01: That's so dark.

0:35:03: Yeah, it really is so dark.

0:35:04: Dark knight. Really?

0:35:08: You could.

0:35:09: Yeah.

0:35:10: I mean, this is why it's in dramas, right? It's in the drama list as opposed to the action adventure. Although I think we did put Batman and all of the.

0:35:24: Nolan Batman movies.

0:35:27: Into the action adventure.

0:35:28: But this one stands out.

0:35:29: This one definitely stands out.

0:35:30: Yeah.

0:35:31: This is the Heath Ledger Joker.

0:35:37: It's a very unique man, performance level.

0:35:42: Amazing film.

0:35:43: Yeah.

0:35:43: I just hope that Hollywood starts doing.

0:35:45: More movies about Batman's origin story. We need more of that. We're done with. I'm done.

0:35:52: I'm done with the origin of Batman. I'd like to move on to past year one. We have one year two movie, and.

0:35:58: I'd like to go into like a year three movie.

0:36:01: Are you sure?

0:36:01: Because I want to learn more about how Batman was made.

0:36:03: I think we all know.

0:36:06: I think we all know his mother's name was Martha.

0:36:09: She was shot, and you're killing Martha and her pearls scattered onto the ground. There were roses, allegedly.

0:36:18: It was outside of deflator mouse.

0:36:20: Yes.

0:36:22: We're all familiar.

0:36:22: Look, I mean, they could do a.

0:36:25: Tv show on this, maybe on Fox or the CW.

0:36:28: You know, when I was a kid.

0:36:29: There was, like, myself and like five guys knew the origin of.

0:36:35: Batman.

0:36:35: Yeah.

0:36:36: Adam West Batman.

0:36:38: Yes.

0:36:39: Every day when I got home from kindergarten, I watched three runs of that show. Not the original. I'm not that old. But really, it was in syndication when I watched that and get smart and Gilligan's island.

0:36:52: Super campy. That was great. It was great.

0:36:55: Nothing like the knight.

0:36:57: No. Okay. Okay.

0:36:58: Yeah.

0:36:58: Coolhand Luke is up on our list.

0:37:00: Yeah.

0:37:00: Cool hand Luke is amazing.

0:37:04: It is a precursor to a lot of sort of. Not the original. It's not the original, but one of.

0:37:09: The big, sort of the prison movies.

0:37:11: Chain gang type movies.

0:37:14: And it's one of Paul Newman's best, in my opinion.

0:37:17: I would concur.

0:37:18: It is an absolute great film. You should definitely watch it.

0:37:23: Yes.

0:37:24: Another prison movie that was probably before.

0:37:28: Cool Hand loop is the defiant ones. Yes.

0:37:32: This one led to other screen gems.

0:37:36: Such as fled with Lawrence Fishburne and Stephen Baldwin.

0:37:41: Another baldwin.

0:37:42: Yeah, that was bad.

0:37:44: But the defiant ones is a great movie, especially when it was made was right in smack dab in the middle of sort of civil rights time to have a white prisoner and a black.

0:37:53: Prisoner shackled together and they escape and they kind of deal with their racial biases and all of that stuff would just.

0:38:00: Absolutely amazing.

0:38:02: Definitely.

0:38:03: Check it out.

0:38:03: Yeah, it's an older film. You're going to have to deal with.

0:38:06: The fact that it's in black and white and other things, but you should definitely watch it. Worth it in every way.

0:38:15: Yeah.

0:38:15: And now this is a hard left turn.

0:38:18: So we went to war movies and military movies. Now we're talking about baseball and prison.

0:38:25: Movies, and now we're talking about baseball. So feel the dreams. Oh, yeah.

0:38:29: In a list of sports movies, this one has to be in the conversation. And I'm sure at one point we'll.

0:38:35: Do a sports movie list.

0:38:38: Theoretically, we could do just a baseball movie.

0:38:40: Yeah, we really could. And actually, I think we've done.

0:38:44: We've made a sports movie list.

0:38:45: I mean, if Angels in the outfield is not number one on that list.

0:38:48: I don't know what is. Not angels in the. Yeah, no, not when, Gus, the movie about the donkey football kicker is a thing.

0:39:01: Angels in the outfield just doesn't hold a candle.

0:39:03: What about Airpods? Airbud, you mean no Airpods. Airpause.

0:39:08: Yeah.

0:39:08: Was that a sequel to Airbud?

0:39:09: Yeah, it was five.

0:39:11: It's your fault for never making a.

0:39:12: Rule that explicitly bans a golden retriever from playing basketball.

0:39:15: Amen.

0:39:16: Anyway, field of dreams.

0:39:17: Field of dreams. I mean, if it's got James Earl.

0:39:20: Jones and Kevin Costner.

0:39:22: And Kevin Costner and Ray Liotta.

0:39:24: Rip.

0:39:25: Yeah.

0:39:25: Seriously, this movie has all the feels.

0:39:28: It does. Yeah.

0:39:30: And boys and their dads.

0:39:34: Just general love of the game.

0:39:36: Yeah.

0:39:39: I think this holds a special place for a father son relationship.

0:39:42: Yeah. It's one of the big, impactful father son relationship movies.

0:39:51: It's great.

0:39:52: If you're a fan of drama, see it. If you're a fan of baseball, see it. See it.

0:39:58: If you're a fan of life.

0:39:59: Yeah. Effort. See it.

0:40:01: Yeah, see it.

0:40:01: Definitely. If you're a fan of Kevin Costner, James Earl Jones. Definitely.

0:40:05: I mean, see it.

0:40:05: This movie will. It has the feels, all of them. And it ends with the feels good.

0:40:11: It does. It does. Which the movie with all the feels.

0:40:14: Seems like they don't.

0:40:15: Happy endings are kind of out of style these days.

0:40:17: Yeah.

0:40:18: And so it's nice to have one that does.

0:40:20: And it holds up.

0:40:21: It really does.

0:40:22: It does.

0:40:22: It's a good movie.

0:40:23: Yeah.

0:40:24: Next we have the Thelma and the Louise.

0:40:28: You say the Thelma and the Louise?

0:40:30: Yes, I did.

0:40:31: Thelm and Louise.

0:40:32: Oh, with Brad Pitt.

0:40:33: Yeah.

0:40:33: Young Brad Pitt.

0:40:34: Young Brad Pitt.

0:40:35: Gina Davis.

0:40:36: Young ish Gina Davis. And Susan Sarandon.

0:40:38: Yeah.

0:40:41: It's a fun movie that has a lot of feels. It is very sort of, at the.

0:40:49: Same time as being women, empowering.

0:40:52: It is also kind of like we have a lot. A long way to go.

0:40:58: Yeah.

0:40:58: Life hasn't really changed since that movie.

0:41:01: Not as much as it should have.

0:41:02: Yeah.

0:41:04: But it is iconic and it's been.

0:41:08: Referenced in countless movies.

0:41:10: That whole last scene where they're jumping over the Grand Canyon and the callers.

0:41:14: For a movie that you can't spoil.

0:41:16: A movie that's 40 years old, Chris. Okay. They die at the end of the movie, people.

0:41:22: They may or may not.

0:41:23: We don't know. There's no sequel.

0:41:25: But you don't know.

0:41:26: They may have survived, Chris. You don't know.

0:41:30: There's not like, there's a post credit. Is there a post credit scene?

0:41:33: I don't know about.

0:41:36: It pauses. It pauses.

0:41:38: Now I know how you feel.

0:41:39: You turned it around on.

0:41:41: Yeah. Yeah.

0:41:42: There you go.

0:41:43: Yeah.

0:41:43: You like?

0:41:45: Okay.

0:41:46: Okay. Let's go back into the gritty crime dramas.

0:41:51: Yes.

0:41:51: With the Untouchables.

0:41:52: Yeah.

0:41:52: A lot of Kevin Costner this week.

0:41:54: Kind of have to.

0:41:55: Yeah.

0:41:55: Well, he's a great dramatic actor.

0:41:57: He's the king of the dramas.

0:41:58: Yeah.

0:41:59: The Untouchables. Sean Connery.

0:42:02: Not his first time appearing on even this week's list.

0:42:04: No.

0:42:06: And another ensemble cast movie.

0:42:09: Yes.

0:42:10: And Anthony LoPaglia.

0:42:12: Oh, yeah.

0:42:16: No, not Anthony Loglia.

0:42:17: That's not Anthony Paglia.

0:42:19: It's Andy Garcia. Sorry, that's a different Andy Garcia.

0:42:23: Yeah.

0:42:28: Just somebody De Niro.

0:42:30: Okay, I'll go.

0:42:31: Iconic performance by De Niro. Ironically, connection with the last movie.

0:42:38: Probably why it came up next when.

0:42:40: I was thinking of the movies.

0:42:42: Baseball. Yeah.

0:42:44: If you have seen the Untouchables, you get the baseball reference. If you haven't, then you should see.

0:42:49: It and then you will get the baseball reference.

0:42:52: Yeah. This one's.

0:42:53: I wouldn't call it fun, but it's an interesting film. It's worth your time.

0:42:59: Yeah, it's great. There's some really cool scenes. The interrogation scene on the canadian border. In the shack on the canadian border.

0:43:07: Is one of the best sort of cop interrogation scenes. And the idea of don't bring a knife to a gunfight.

0:43:22: Is a big.

0:43:23: Part of kind of the plot of this movie. Apparently this was going to have a prequel. Oh, really?

0:43:28: It was until it fell through. But it was going to star either Nicolas Cage, Gerard Butler, which would have bad choice, or Benicio del Toro, which.

0:43:37: Would have been a weird. I don't, I don't like any of those.

0:43:41: I don't like any of those as Elliot Ness.

0:43:43: Yeah.

0:43:46: Anyway. Okay.

0:43:48: Speaking of two men who love each other.

0:43:50: Yes.

0:43:51: Brokeback Mountain.

0:43:52: Yes.

0:43:52: Yeah.

0:43:54: Oh.

0:43:54: Recently, a listener, that just made me, I don't know how this may make you uncomfortable. A listener saw one of our clips.

0:44:05: Of our show and mentioned that somebody.

0:44:12: Had seen the clip of our show, I think, on TikTok or something like.

0:44:15: That, and ran into my wife and.

0:44:17: Said, oh, is this your husband? And she said, yeah. And she said, wow, there's really a bromance going on there. Something like that.

0:44:26: I don't know. The next movie is brokeback film. I wish I could quit you.

0:44:39: You'll have to watch the video on.

0:44:40: YouTube to see that.

0:44:41: It's a really good movie. Yeah, it really is. It gets a lot of sort of tongue in cheek references.

0:44:46: I think it does.

0:44:48: Like we just did.

0:44:48: Really.

0:44:49: But it is also one of Heath Ledger's great performances. Absolutely. He was a brilliant actor.

0:44:57: Yeah.

0:44:58: For being as young as he was. Yeah, he was great in a lot of things.

0:45:02: And it's died way too young. I mean, my grandma, when she was alive, said that this was her favorite, which I found interesting. I'm like, why grandma?

0:45:15: She's like, it was just, it was.

0:45:17: Such a great love story.

0:45:19: It was.

0:45:19: Yeah. I mean, it really was. And just sort of dealing with everything.

0:45:23: That, all the baggage that comes along with it. Jake Gyllenhaal also brilliant in the movie. Not to take away from his performance to praise Heath Ledger.

0:45:34: They were both absolutely brilliant.

0:45:36: Oh, don't forget, Randy Quaid was in this film, too.

0:45:38: Yep.

0:45:40: And I remember seeing a story or something like that where he said he was kind of. He was bamboozled into this role or something.

0:45:49: I think he felt like he needed to explain why he was in this movie because he, I don't know, had.

0:45:55: Some problems with some of the issues.

0:45:57: That the movie brought up, maybe. I don't know. But that's sad to me, that he felt like he needed to explain it away.

0:46:03: It was the idea of masculinity and.

0:46:06: Homosexuality and kind of gender lifestyle and.

0:46:11: Things of that nature. Those kind of took weird turns.

0:46:13: Yeah.

0:46:14: But it's worth the time.

0:46:17: Watch.

0:46:17: It is, absolutely.

0:46:19: And, I mean, his character was not the nicest guy.

0:46:22: No.

0:46:22: He was a prick.

0:46:23: Yeah.

0:46:23: So maybe that's what he was. What's the saying? Fiction is not far removed from.

0:46:36: Yeah.

0:46:39: There's truth in art.

0:46:41: Yeah. That's what I was looking for.

0:46:42: Thank you. Yeah, I'm terrible.

0:46:44: Yeah.

0:46:46: Anyways, speaking of 24 hours.

0:46:48: Love stories.

0:46:49: Yes.

0:46:49: Titanic.

0:46:50: Yeah.

0:46:51: Titanic. Oh, sorry.

0:46:52: Wrong emphasis.

0:46:53: Yeah, you got the wrong emphasis on the wrong syllable.

0:46:59: Mike Myers.

0:47:00: Yeah.

0:47:01: So this whole movie takes place in the span of a few days.

0:47:07: Yeah.

0:47:07: Just a few days.

0:47:08: Yeah.

0:47:08: Titanic is the film.

0:47:12: Yeah.

0:47:12: I mean, talking about epic drama. Yeah.

0:47:17: I went into the movie. I remember seeing it. Some friends of mine were like, hey, let's go see. I saw it in theaters.

0:47:21: Yeah, I saw it twice in theaters.

0:47:23: And friends of mine, let's go see it.

0:47:24: And I was like, I think I know how it's going to end.

0:47:29: And I kind of went into it.

0:47:30: Sort of a little bit, like, not.

0:47:35: I was not optimistic.

0:47:36: You were closed minded.

0:47:38: I really was. And I was closed minded, but I enjoyed it. It was a good movie. I mean, I look back at it and there's been. You can pick it apart and say.

0:47:46: There was totally room on the door.

0:47:49: And a lot of things about it.

0:47:51: They are currently, aren't they, working on a sequel?

0:47:55: How the fuck do you make a sequel of a Titanic? The shit went down, people.

0:48:00: No, I think it's more about Rose's life after.

0:48:03: I have not heard anything about that.

0:48:04: I'm going to look it up.

0:48:05: I think I heard something.

0:48:07: Maybe it was, like, impossible that they were thinking about it.

0:48:10: I don't know if it ever did.

0:48:12: That's a bad idea.

0:48:13: But.

0:48:14: Yeah, that's a real bad idea. I'm hoping that the Leo character didn't survive.

0:48:21: No.

0:48:21: Well, obviously he didn't.

0:48:22: He died. Well, I mean, he could have.

0:48:25: Again, you didn't follow him to the.

0:48:26: Bottom of the sea. I mean, he might have had a.

0:48:30: Spark of life and then swam up and gotten into a different boat or.

0:48:33: Something and then avoided Rose on the. Chris, this is supposed to be the.

0:48:38: Season of giving and it's perpetual.

0:48:46: Am, I'm trying to keep the spirit of hope alive.

0:48:48: You're taking away my.

0:48:49: Hey, look, I am known for my positivity and sunny disposition.

0:48:53: Anybody who knows me will tell you.

0:48:56: That I am just a joy to be around.

0:48:59: I'm a ray of fucking sunshine. Keep hope alive is what I say.

0:49:07: You're making me lose my hope in humanity.

0:49:09: Don't I say that?

0:49:10: No, you've never said that.

0:49:12: I just did.

0:49:13: Okay, we recorded it.

0:49:15: Anyway, this film is not getting a.

0:49:17: Sequel or prequel, okay? Never ever. Apparently there was a live version, titanic live.

0:49:29: Until the end, when a lot of people died. I could have sworn I read something that maybe somebody was trying to was.

0:49:37: Shopping it or something like, that's a bad idea.

0:49:39: Oh, I totally agree.

0:49:40: I think it's a terrible idea.

0:49:41: Oh, God. What the hell?

0:49:42: Anyway, we're losing touch with our audience here.

0:49:46: Okay, our next film, the brat.

0:49:50: The rat Pack.

0:49:51: The brat pack.

0:49:52: Brat pack.

0:49:53: The brat pack. The outsiders.

0:49:54: Yes.

0:49:55: The outsiders is a great movie.

0:49:57: Had everywhere.

0:49:58: Based on a good book. A great book.

0:50:03: I like the book.

0:50:03: I don't know if I call it Grace.

0:50:05: Very good. And, yeah, it was really well done.

0:50:13: It was interesting.

0:50:14: They do the book at my school.

0:50:15: The english teachers teach the outside school.

0:50:18: Really? Yeah, they do. And I was somewhere, and I overheard.

0:50:22: A teacher talking to some kids.

0:50:25: It was not the teacher of the class.

0:50:27: It was like another teacher.

0:50:28: Sure.

0:50:29: And a kid asked the teacher and.

0:50:30: Said.

0:50:33: Are the greasers the gang bangers and the Soshas are the goody goodies?

0:50:41: Or something like that.

0:50:44: Basically, I was like, in the other side of the room or something like that.

0:50:47: I was like, no.

0:50:51: And they all kind of turned around. Aren't you a science teacher?

0:50:53: And I was like, yeah, but I've read a book and seen the movie.

0:50:58: But, yeah, it's really kind of.

0:51:01: I mean, this is something.

0:51:02: This is almost to the point of being a trope, right? Where it's like the bad guys are the good guys and the good guys are the bad guys. Sort of.

0:51:10: Yeah.

0:51:10: Just a really good movie and a.

0:51:11: Really good performance by a lot of.

0:51:13: The people that we've mentioned. A lot.

0:51:15: Right.

0:51:15: So there's Emilio Estevez and Patrick Swayze and Ralph Macchio. Second time on today's list.

0:51:23: Yeah.

0:51:25: And see Thomas Howell and so many amazing actors.

0:51:30: It had everyone from the Tom Cruise.

0:51:33: Matt Dillon and just a Rob Lowe.

0:51:39: Yeah.

0:51:40: Just a great film ensemble cast. This was sort of the 80s answer to the rat pack.

0:51:46: Right.

0:51:47: Which is why they were called the Brat Pack.

0:51:48: Yeah.

0:51:49: And made so many movies. And this is one of the few.

0:51:52: Brat pack movies that wasn't written by John Hughes. That's weird.

0:51:58: It was really good and I watched.

0:51:59: It recently and it holds up.

0:52:01: It does hold up.

0:52:01: Really?

0:52:02: It does hold up. And if you haven't seen it, you.

0:52:05: Should definitely check it out. Speaking of porn, where are we?

0:52:10: Okay.

0:52:11: Boogie nights.

0:52:12: Boogie nights.

0:52:12: I got to say, if I had.

0:52:15: A favorite movie on this list.

0:52:17: Yeah.

0:52:18: Boogie nights might be up there for me. It's a really well done movie. William H. Macy was incredible. Ridiculous movie.

0:52:30: He really was very good.

0:52:32: And so was Philip Seymour Hoffman.

0:52:36: Yes.

0:52:37: Was such another way too Young gone way too young.

0:52:42: Yeah.

0:52:44: Just an incredible John C. Reilly performance.

0:52:48: Young John C. Reilly.

0:52:49: Yeah.

0:52:50: Which is great.

0:52:51: Yeah.

0:52:52: Mark Wahlberg obviously was the star.

0:52:55: And I mean, Burt Reynolds.

0:52:57: Yeah.

0:52:58: Out of nowhere was brilliant in this film.

0:53:00: Well, this Don Cheadle.

0:53:02: Yeah.

0:53:03: This movie reignited Burt Reynolds career.

0:53:06: Yeah. 100%.

0:53:08: Yeah.

0:53:08: It really did.

0:53:08: Because he had.

0:53:11: I'm going to do it.

0:53:12: I'm going to do it.

0:53:12: He had petered out.

0:53:14: Yeah.

0:53:15: Mid eighty s to like the late ninety s. And he petered back in.

0:53:21: See what you did there.

0:53:21: Yeah.

0:53:22: With this movie.

0:53:24: You know what?

0:53:26: It's set in the 70s.

0:53:27: It's clearly set.

0:53:29: Loosely based. Well, seventy s and eighty s. Seventy s. It's kind of a long, loosely.

0:53:33: Based on John C. John Holmes. John Holmes. Thank you.

0:53:36: Yeah, I remember when he died.

0:53:38: Do you? Yeah.

0:53:39: The football coaches at my high school went out and put the flags.

0:53:47: People were like, why are the flags down?

0:53:49: And I was like, I don't know. And the coaches were.

0:53:51: Because he's permanently flaccid.

0:53:53: Yes.

0:53:57: They just felt it was appropriate, I guess, at a school to put the flags at half mass when it start with a giant wiener penis. Yeah. But that wasn't even like the main.

0:54:11: Aspect of the film.

0:54:12: I mean, as a part of it. But yeah, he still has the prosthetic, by the way.

0:54:18: He does.

0:54:18: I know, just everything about this film is just so good.

0:54:21: Yeah, so good. And then it's weird to watch with your parents, though.

0:54:25: I'm not going to lie.

0:54:26: Yeah. Definitely don't do that.

0:54:28: Her name, the actress.

0:54:30: Well, there's Heather Graham.

0:54:32: Heather Graham was great. Was great.

0:54:33: And then the.

0:54:34: Julie Julianne Moore.

0:54:37: Julianne Moore.

0:54:37: Julia Moore was just the depth that the.

0:54:41: In a film that could easily have.

0:54:43: Been kind of a surface level film.

0:54:46: Right.

0:54:46: Where it's just the depth of emotion.

0:54:49: That these characters bring and everyone. William H. Macy's character and I mean, obviously the leads, but all of the.

0:54:57: Sort of tertiary, the background characters and just sort of everything that they go through and like Don Cheadle, right, is this sort of extra, almost background level.

0:55:10: Character and was able to bring this amazing emotional depth to the.

0:55:16: Really.

0:55:19: Yeah, absolutely amazing.

0:55:21: And to think that he was a.

0:55:23: Scroll the whole time.

0:55:26: Fuck you, Chris.

0:55:28: I hate that show. If there were ever a show that I really.

0:55:32: Yeah.

0:55:32: I actually had a whole debate in my head about whether or not to make that joke.

0:55:35: You know, you could make the joke. I respect it.

0:55:37: Yeah.

0:55:38: But still, I give you a great big fu. Yeah, I deserve it.

0:55:41: I do.

0:55:42: It's fair. I deserve it. But don't watch the secret invitation anyways.

0:55:48: Okay, so we do have one new movie.

0:55:50: Yes.

0:55:51: To add to this list.

0:55:52: That is a very new movie, but it has already been referenced so many times.

0:55:56: Oh, yeah.

0:55:57: And it's only, what, a year and a half old?

0:55:59: About a year old, yeah.

0:56:01: It's everything everywhere all at once.

0:56:03: Yes.

0:56:04: Everything in this movie is perfect. It really is.

0:56:07: Yeah.

0:56:07: It is up there in the conversation. The perfect movies. And it is so new.

0:56:11: Yeah.

0:56:11: It is so weird to be talking about a movie as new as this in those terms.

0:56:16: Sure.

0:56:16: I mean, there's a reason why it won so many awards.

0:56:19: It's just a brilliant movie. And other than Jamie Lee Curtis.

0:56:29: None of the actors are.

0:56:33: I mean, Michelle Yeoh, who's really the star, has been around forever, but not.

0:56:41: A lot of opportunity to sort of.

0:56:43: She didn't get a lot of leading.

0:56:45: Strut her stuff as an actress. I always enjoyed her going back to James Bond. This is not her first time on today's list even.

0:56:53: No.

0:56:55: Crouching Tiger.

0:56:56: Yeah, I mean, she's done some great.

0:56:58: Films and she's been amazing in them, but not movies that really allowed her.

0:57:02: Other than Crouching Tiger.

0:57:03: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, which we will.

0:57:07: Be talking about in the next installment.

0:57:08: Of the drama list.

0:57:09: Absolutely.

0:57:11: But other than that, at least that I have seen.

0:57:14: She's done a lot of foreign to us movies, domestic for her, obviously, that I have not seen, but I have.

0:57:21: Not seen her really strut her stuff.

0:57:24: To really show her chaos. And she's got them.

0:57:27: Oh, yeah, she does.

0:57:27: She absolutely has them.

0:57:29: And just a brilliant Kian Kwan.

0:57:32: Yeah, just everyone.

0:57:35: Everyone is amazing. And that's why this movie definitely deserves to be on this list. Not only is it an amazing film.

0:57:41: And is it part of the conversation, but it has already influenced other art.

0:57:48: Right.

0:57:48: Which is phenomenal, considering how new it is.

0:57:53: Right. I mean, even as much as there was influence from that movie, not just in casting, but in just references and.

0:58:00: Things, to Loki, which is also brilliantly done, by the way, and Kiyun Kwan being in both of those.

0:58:10: But that's not the only reference, I.

0:58:13: Think.

0:58:15: At a time when the audience was, I think, beginning to get a.

0:58:20: Little bit of sort of multiverse fatigue.

0:58:23: Sure.

0:58:26: To have this movie.

0:58:30: Be so successful.

0:58:31: And so well received and almost paved.

0:58:34: The way for more multiverse.

0:58:37: Right. Because we had across the Spiderverse come out. Well, everyone's doing a multiverse movie now.

0:58:44: Well, yeah, but I mean, it was to the point where so many people were doing them that everyone was kind.

0:58:49: Of like, oh, this is almost becoming a trope, multiverse.

0:58:54: And then this came out and it did so well and was so amazing.

0:58:57: That I think it allowed for more. It was different. If it had flopped, I think that would have been it for multiverse, probably. I mean, Spider Verse is already going to come out regardless, because it's not too long after this one, but, yeah, worth it.

0:59:14: Absolutely brilliant.

0:59:16: Brilliant film. Okay, so that does it for part one, part one of the drama list.

0:59:23: Amen.

0:59:24: We'll get to your homework for next.

0:59:26: Week'S episode in just a minute. But before we get in any further, I want to talk to you about.

0:59:33: The conversation that we're having.

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0:59:37: Part of the conversation, please.

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0:59:43: You listening, and we want to hear from you.

0:59:48: How do you like it?

0:59:49: We're getting positive feedback, but not really constructive positive feedback.

0:59:54: Chris wants you to critique the shit.

0:59:55: Out of, you know, we're getting a.

0:59:58: Lot of thumbs up type action, but.

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1:01:28: It's going to be a big year.

1:01:29: This is our year.

1:01:30: Yeah.

1:01:30: You know why?

1:01:31: Because I'm planning on quitting my job.

1:01:33: All right.

1:01:34: No, I'm not actually planning on that.

1:01:36: I can't.

1:01:37: Unless we get that fancy influencer lifestyle going.

1:01:42: Yeah.

1:01:43: Even then, I've been told that I'm not allowed to.

1:01:46: I said, what if we make millions like Mr.

1:01:48: Beast level money?

1:01:49: And I was told, no, you need.

1:01:51: Your.

1:01:55: Know, I was talking to your.

1:01:56: Wife the other day.

1:01:57: She had a different impression.

1:01:59: Yeah.

1:01:59: Really?

1:01:59: Yeah. All right.

1:02:02: So you know what?

1:02:03: Interesting.

1:02:03: Yeah.

1:02:03: Apparently that's what she said.

1:02:06: Sing.

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1:02:27: All right.

1:02:27: This is a great commercial.

1:02:28: It really.

1:02:29: Yeah.

1:02:31: So we have a new segment.

1:02:32: Yeah, we do.

1:02:33: We have a new segment on the show. And this is called our latest obsession.

1:02:39: Yeah.

1:02:39: We got to come up with somebody.

1:02:40: Yeah, we will.

1:02:41: This is the first time, so we don't have anything for you, but with just kind of the thing that we're really kind of into this week or.

1:02:48: What you're really feeling right now. Gentle for my first time, Chris.

1:02:51: Okay. I will.

1:02:52: Thank you.

1:02:54: So my latest obsession.

1:02:56: Yes.

1:02:56: Is a show that I discovered on Paramount.

1:02:58: Plus.

1:02:59: Okay, I will say right up front that there is two seasons and there is not supposed to got canceled, so.

1:03:04: There'S not going to be a third season.

1:03:06: However, the storyline of the two seasons kind of.

1:03:09: There's an arc that kind of ties.

1:03:11: Them both together and it kind of.

1:03:12: Ends in a nice way. So it's not like you're left like.

1:03:15: With a. Oh, I definitely want more.

1:03:18: So everything is all tied up, but.

1:03:20: It is kind of.

1:03:21: Yeah.

1:03:21: And mostly in a bow. There's a few little jagged edges, but for the most part, it's pretty good.

1:03:27: And the show that I'm talking about is called Pickett.

1:03:30: Oh, yeah.

1:03:31: It is really well done.

1:03:34: The premise is that Joe Pickett is.

1:03:36: A game warden in Wyoming.

1:03:41: And it's a really good kind of mystery. There's a lot of actors in it.

1:03:46: That you may have seen before, but other than David Allen greer from in living color.

1:03:55: Yeah.

1:03:56: And if you're younger than 40, you might not know who even that is.

1:04:03: But there's some people who you're like, oh, yeah, they look familiar, but maybe.

1:04:06: You wouldn't know who they are.

1:04:08: But it's really good kind of mystery.

1:04:10: Sure.

1:04:11: There's some action. There's some really good drama, but all.

1:04:15: Of the actors are brilliant.

1:04:16: Cool.

1:04:17: Every single person is brilliant.

1:04:18: Even the characters that are sort of.

1:04:20: Comic relief kind of idiots.

1:04:23: Like, that's the character, not the actor. The character are still really well done.

1:04:28: Sure.

1:04:28: So that's my latest obsession.

1:04:31: And for you?

1:04:33: Oh, I guess I have to talk about mine now.

1:04:35: Yeah. So I am a fan of just movies where I can turn my brain off. Same and I don't have to think about them. And a big one of those has been the Godzilla films lately.

1:04:52: And there's a show on Apple plus.

1:04:55: Called Monarch Legacy of Monsters starring what's his name.

1:05:02: Shit.

1:05:03: Kurt Russell.

1:05:03: Kurt Russell and his son, Wyatt Russell. Thank you.

1:05:06: As the same person.

1:05:07: As the same person.

1:05:09: Colonel Shaw. Yeah, it is. It's kind of a done it.

1:05:15: Type.

1:05:15: Film or show, I guess.

1:05:17: But it's a lot of fun to.

1:05:18: Watch because you get introduced to why the background entity of monarch is a thing. How do I describe this?

1:05:30: It's almost like a Scooby doo.

1:05:32: It is the way that I've described it to somebody because I'm an episode behind. But I've been watching the. The monarch movies, right.

1:05:41: That start with Kong, Skull island, and.

1:05:44: Then they go through Godzilla and then Godzilla, king of monsters. And then Godzilla versus Kong.

1:05:50: And then a new one coming.

1:05:52: A new one coming out. Godzilla Zero or something?

1:05:55: No.

1:05:55: So this one is Godzilla x Kong.

1:05:57: Yeah, Godzilla x Kong.

1:05:59: And then there was one that Toho.

1:06:01: Just released, too, which is Godzilla minus.

1:06:03: One, which is not in the same universe, which apparently is a spectacular. Everyone has glowing reviews about this movie. Oh, then we'll have to see it. Well, it's only available in theaters until.

1:06:18: Oh, okay.

1:06:19: Well, then it'll be out in a couple of weeks.

1:06:20: Sorry. We'll watch it on.

1:06:21: It'll be out on apple or something.

1:06:23: Something.

1:06:23: But.

1:06:26: There'S a Scooby game in the show.

1:06:28: But how would you describe it?

1:06:29: Well, so the way that I described it. So those movies all kind of follow. They're all in, obviously not the Godzilla.

1:06:35: Minus one, but all of the movies in the monarch verse, they're kind of.

1:06:42: At different times, and there's kind of some gaps in between.

1:06:46: Sure.

1:06:46: And they don't all line up.

1:06:49: Sure.

1:06:49: And so this show really does jump across huge spans of time.

1:06:53: It does.

1:06:53: And it's kind of like the thread.

1:06:55: That kind of is being sewn to.

1:06:57: Pull them all together.

1:06:58: Yeah.

1:06:59: And it really does explain a lot of what's going on and who. A lot of the people.

1:07:05: It's.

1:07:06: Plus we get new monsters every.

1:07:08: And it's.

1:07:09: Yeah, it's really of.

1:07:11: There's this definitely arch of the story, but then there's also an episodicness to it.

1:07:19: Yeah.

1:07:19: I'm looking forward to seeing Rodan at some point for Mothra makes come back. Yeah, that would be cool.

1:07:27: Okay, so those are our latest obsessions. Let us know what yours are.

1:07:32: Yeah, we'd love to hear yours.

1:07:33: Yeah.

1:07:34: But we do have something new coming.

1:07:36: Up next week that we do want to introduce to everyone.

1:07:39: And this big homework assignment here for you guys.

1:07:41: Please.

1:07:42: We do have homework for you.

1:07:44: Yeah, we do have homework for you. So, Mr. Rogers.

1:07:47: Homework.

1:07:48: So get out a pen.

1:07:50: Write this down.

1:07:51: Or pencil.

1:07:51: What if I only have an apple pen?

1:07:55: But as long as you have an iPad. But I don't have an iPad. I just have an apple pen. Then bite your finger really hard.

1:08:02: Do it in blood. Shit.

1:08:04: So this is your homework.

1:08:05: Signing the shit in blood.

1:08:07: Not having a pencil is no excuse. Okay, so here's your homework. Your homework is to watch two films, okay? And those films are the original Willy wonka and the chocolate factory with Gene Wilder.

1:08:20: Yes.

1:08:20: And Tim Burton's Charlie and the chocolate factory. I think you got those reversed.

1:08:26: Did I?

1:08:27: Yes.

1:08:28: Okay, hold on.

1:08:30: I'm going to verify this. We're going to do it live, people.

1:08:32: Yes.

1:08:33: We're going to do this shit live.

1:08:34: You looked it up and told me before we said, yeah, but I.

1:08:40: How's that underside of the bus look?

1:08:42: Totally just threw you under there.

1:08:43: Okay, thank you.

1:08:44: I appreciate. Right, okay.

1:08:48: You're right. No, we were both right.

1:08:50: We'll fix it in post.

1:08:51: Yeah.

1:08:51: No, we won't. So the G. Wilder one is Willy Wonka.

1:08:54: The Wonka, the chocolate factory.

1:08:55: Watch that.

1:08:56: Yes.

1:08:56: And then the Johnny Depp one, which.

1:08:59: Is Charlie Chocolate factory, Johnny Depp, Tim Burton.

1:09:01: Yes.

1:09:02: Watch those two movies, because next week.

1:09:06: We will be talking about Wonka. We're going to do our first film review.

1:09:10: We're going to do our first new film review.

1:09:12: Yeah.

1:09:14: So that's your homework.

1:09:16: So I think those are really good.

1:09:18: Even though they're kind of separate. They're not sequels, by any means.

1:09:23: Oh, no, not at all. But they're sort of separate takes on.

1:09:25: The same source material.

1:09:28: Yeah.

1:09:29: The rolled doll books.

1:09:31: Yeah.

1:09:32: Who stars again in the new Wonka film?

1:09:34: Timothy Chalamet.

1:09:37: You have to whisper when you say you do, otherwise you're mispronouncing it.

1:09:41: You're not giving him the proper gravitas.

1:09:44: The reviews have been great so far.

1:09:46: Yeah.

1:09:47: I'm really interested to see what this take looks like. It apparently is going to be a musical ish.

1:09:54: I think there might be some musical. I don't know that the whole thing is like a musical.

1:09:58: Yeah.

1:09:59: But it is definitely musical.

1:10:03: Well, you got Hugh Grant as an Oompa loomer.

1:10:05: Yes.

1:10:07: Who is kind of having. Enjoying a little bit of a resurgence.

1:10:10: I was just going to say that.

1:10:12: He'S having a moment right now and doing no small part to dungeons and dragons.

1:10:17: I would think so, yeah. Let's make that movie.

1:10:20: Keep going.

1:10:20: Yes.

1:10:21: Keep it up, please.

1:10:22: If you haven't done that homework, go.

1:10:23: Back and I will accept late work. Full credit, by the way.

1:10:27: Yeah, for full credit.

1:10:28: Full credit?

1:10:29: Yes.

1:10:29: This isn't like my actual classroom.

1:10:31: No.

1:10:31: Full credit for late work. Go back and watch Dungeon and Dragons, please.

1:10:35: And then write a letter to the.

1:10:37: Studio asking for a sequel.

1:10:38: Yeah.

1:10:39: Handwritten note.

1:10:40: Yes.

1:10:41: If you know how to handle it.

1:10:42: Just don't put any white powder in.

1:10:43: The envelope because they don't respond well when you do. That's dark. Yeah, that's really dark. Well, I was thinking, like, baby powder, unless it might be cocaine. I mean, they might take that as a bribe.

1:10:57: Don't do that.

1:10:58: Definitely don't do that. Not the. Don't know where.

1:11:04: That was kind of a weird tangent.

1:11:05: That bird is trotting. Having trouble walking?

1:11:12: Watch those two movies, please, because we're going to talk about Wonka next week.

1:11:15: Yeah, we are.

1:11:16: I'm really looking forward to this.

1:11:17: Yeah.

1:11:17: So get yourself a chocolate fountain and.

1:11:19: Some fizzy lifting drinks and an everlasting gobstopper.

1:11:23: I'm going to have all the chocolate bars. I'm going to have to find all the wonka bars while we.

1:11:26: I'm going to enjoy some nice, sugar free chocolate. Careful that I give you the shits. Yeah, well, either that or the opposite. Yeah, I don't mean to make you throw up.

1:11:38: I mean it.

1:11:40: I hear you.

1:11:40: You don't go.

1:11:41: Yeah. No.

1:11:41: You get the constipation.

1:11:42: Yes. Who knows? We'll see.

1:11:45: We'll find out together.

1:11:46: No, we won't.

1:11:49: Enough of.

1:11:50: Enough of our weird talk at the end.

1:11:57: All right. Bye, guys.

1:11:58: Okay, bye bye.

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