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Episode 5 Transcripts

Welcome. Welcome to another episode of C Your Ts and that tall drink of water over there is Tracy Shackelford and this awesome sauce fella covered in the best barbecue sauce in the world is Chris Rogers. Yes I am. I wasn't really sure where we're going. I don't either. I just thought I'd mix it up this week. You know what I am a tall drink of tea though. Yeah you really are. Yeah. So Merry Christmas. Happy holidays. Yes. Merry Christmas.

Yes. And Festivus. Oh yeah, Festivus for the rest of us. Happy Festivus. We will be doing our airing of grievances next week. Welcome. This episode we are going to get into our Christmas list. We didn't want to wait until Christmas. No, no, don't wait. As we record this, we are on the final day of November. Yeah, we are. So even the most grinchiest of grinches of Scrooge's.

can say that it is officially Christmas season. It is Christmas season. Oh, it has been for me for a while. Well, yeah, for me too. Yeah, but for even the others. Yeah. The people that complain. I actually read something, a scientist, science article today. Science? It said that the elephants, baby elephants are born at 250 pounds, making them the largest, the biggest babies on land. Okay.

Second only to people to complain about people celebrating Christmas early Hot damn. Yes that I mean, that's a fact. Yeah, that's science. You take that home. Yeah, exactly Write it down write it down bitches. So this is our episode where we talk about our Christmas list Oh, this is good. So this is a good list. I'm excited about I had a lot of fun. We had a lot of fun Putting it together. There's a lot of John Hughes on this There is a lot of John Hughes on here and not nearly enough Shane Black. No

Episode 5: Christmas (02:34.146)

There is some Shane Black though. There will always be Shane Black. But yeah, so this is our Christmas list in no particular order. And again, this is not like a top 10. It's more of a culturally relevant. Yes, what makes you literate as far as I'm talking about Christmas. Yeah, exactly. If the conversation comes up, if you have seen all of these movies, you are going to run that conversation. Yes, you will. Yeah, absolutely you will.

And as we did two weeks ago, we discussed if you are coming up against some pushback from people about whether or not some of the movies on here are Christmas movies, you can have receipts. Because we made them up for you. And you can go back to two weeks ago episode. And there you have it. Tell them they're wrong.

That's all I gotta do. Just say you're wrong and I can prove it. I can prove it. And then pull up our episode. And pull up your episode, yeah, and just say Chris and Tracy said so. Yeah, that's all the proof you need. Yeah, and we're basically scientists. I mean, Chris is closer to a scientist than I am, but. Yeah, yes, I do science for the living. Yes, so far, yeah. But anyway, so here we go. Here we go. The first movie on the list is A Christmas Story. You can't have a Christmas list without a Christmas story. You can't, you can't.

And so that is definitely on the list. It's any conversation. It's extremely quotable. It is just an amazing movie I don't know that they do it anymore But I think TNT or TBS one of the networks used to show it for 24 hours straight the answer Yes, they both do. Yeah, and do they still do it? It's from it's basically all Christmas Day Yeah, so from 12 a.m. Christmas morning

Yeah. To 1159 PM Christmas night. Yeah. Nothing but a Christmas nothing but a Christmas story. And I remember one year I sat down and I probably watched it three times right in a row. And it's great. I did just recently rewatch it. About a week ago with my wife. We watch it every year. And it holds up. It totally absolutely holds up. And I have to say, this is gonna bring the room down a little bit. I watched this movie isn't on the list. The Christmas story.

Episode 5: Christmas (04:49.098)

Christmas story Christmas. Yeah, I watched and it is good. Yeah, it's very well done. It was very hard for me to get through. Yeah, it's I mean, in particular, having just lost my father, almost two years ago. And it is very much about relationships with dads and sons. Yeah, and Christmas, especially and it just, it really hit home for me. So that one, that one was tough. And if you're a fan of Christmas story, you should watch it.

But yeah, that is our first movie. Then we have The Nightmare Before Christmas. Wait, that's a Halloween movie, Chris. It is. How do you have a Halloween movie on a Christmas movie list? Because it is. It's because it's in the title? Well, here's the thing. It's in the title. It is a Christmas movie. Now, when asked, the director was, whose name slips in my mind at the moment.

But when asked he was asked definitively is this a Christmas movie or Halloween movie? He said 100% is a Halloween movie. Absolutely. However, however, I did an informal straw poll Amongst pretty much everyone who I could talk to the last couple of weeks Yeah, and asked them what their favorite Christmas movie was. Yes 200 people on the street. I did. Yeah, and This movie came up I would say at least 20% of the time. That's amazing. Yeah

So I thought if it's that influential, then it needs to be on the list. I would agree. So that's why it's on the list. I concur. Yep, absolutely. Sandy Claus. Now the next one, I gotta say Laura watches, my wife watches this movie every year. But she watches the black and white version. Yeah, I think you got to. So it's a wonderful life. It's a wonderful life. If you watch the colorized version, I think officially you're a communist. Well, it's awful too. Yeah, it's not bad rendering. Although it's really interesting, when doing the show prep for the Is It A Christmas Movie episode. Yeah.

this movie came up. There is a contingent of people who are, in my opinion, wrong. But there is a contingent of people who say that this movie would be just as impactful if it happened at a different time, if it wasn't Christmas time. I mean, it's basically about a man's influence on the world, about a man from a small town, and would the world be any different if I wasn't in it? And it's kind of a go back and.

Episode 5: Christmas (07:09.69)

see your life without you in it situation. Sure. And, you know, the bell that rings at the end is on a Christmas tree. But it could have been any it could have been a doorbell or whatever is the I think it absolutely is more impactful because as we talked about in our other episode, at Christmas time, the stakes are higher for these sorts of things. They are and the snow at the end and the angel and all of that is just more Christmas. So I am of the opinion that it is a Christmas lists and

Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings. Yeah, exactly. So we all know. So now, the next one, though, I gotta say, it was great for me growing up, because I watch it now and my kids love it. Yes. The first one. Yeah. You could argue the other two were Christmas movies. That was a little weird. I think, yeah. The Santa Clauses. Yeah, I have been watching the series. The Tim Allen ones? The Tim Allen, the new series with Disney+. Yeah.

Season two just dropped. Okay. I really enjoy it. Really? Yes. I'm not a huge Tim Allen fan in general. Okay. I mean, I watched Home Improvement just like the rest of the world. Yeah. When it was on. Sure. And I enjoyed, you know, Santa Claus and I, of course Toy Story. Yeah. But I really like them. I like all of them. There's not one that I haven't liked. I couldn't really get into the series, the Disney Plus series. I don't know why. It took a while.

Yeah, it's one of those slow starters. Okay. And then it kind of comes along and it gets better. Kal Penn goes through a really interesting character arc. Okay. In it. And he seems sort of one level when you start the season. Yeah. And then he kind of goes through a pretty interesting character arc. Oh, okay, that's cool. So I dig it and sort of the, what they kind of made some comments about Mrs. Claus and how she's kind of a one note character. She kind of is.

And they kind of made some changes to that and updated it. And I kind of dig it. OK. All right. So that's the series. It's not on the list. But the first one, definitely. The other two, I think you could make an argument. And while you're at it, watch the series. OK. There's two seasons now on Disney+. Whatever you say, Captain. Yep. OK. The next one is probably when I did my straw poll, probably most number one answer.

Episode 5: Christmas (09:31.47)

I would say it's arguably the best of the more recent Christmas movies that have come out lately. Yes, I agree. Yeah. And we're talking of course about Elf. Yeah. And there is an argument to be made. Okay. And I have made this argument. Okay. That if Elf doesn't get made. Yes. The MCU doesn't exist. Oh, because Jon Favreau needs. Jon Favreau directed Elf and because of the very little amount of like claymation and that kind of special effects.

But the success of that in the film, it has been said that that's why he was given Zathura, because of the special effects that he did on Elf and how great they are. And Zathura is what led directly to him getting Iron Man. So if Jon Favreau doesn't direct Iron Man, no MCU, in my opinion. Wow, that is a full circle. Yeah. I respect it. Yeah, there you go. I respect it.

Don't forget, Elf is coming out soon, again. Yes. Drop it again. Yes, because we're old. We are, yeah. Because it's a 20 year anniversary, believe it or not, sorry. For those of you who saw it in theaters, like myself, sorry. Yeah. I'm sorry you're old. Oh well, you know, it's okay. You should start taking Geritol. Yeah. The next movie on the list is Captain Dead Eyes. Yes, right.

A lot of dead eyes. There is a lot of dead eyes in this. The Polar Express. I still enjoy it. I think it's really good. You have to put your mind into sort of that retro, nostalgia state for early mocap CGI type animation. Very early mocap. And if you put yourself into that sort of, that nostalgic place. Yeah.

where you're like, okay, I understand it's not the newest of the new. Yeah. I mean, my PlayStation has better graphics than Polar Express. It does. As far as like facial, faces being alive. I've seen it. Yeah, so if you put yourself into that space, now another movie that is sort of on the list, which we'll get to in a minute, I feel like is creepier in its mocap animation. Is this Grimloons? No. Oh, it's close. Yeah, no.

Episode 5: Christmas (11:50.618)

The eyes in Gremlins are actually more alive than the eyes in Polar Express. But it is still a wonderful movie. And I mean, it stars America's dad. In like seven different characters. And he sings. Yeah. He sings. Yeah. Only as Tom Hanks can. Hot, hot, hot chocolate. They're not great songs. Yeah. You know what?

I dig it. The movie was innovative when it came out. It really was. But it has not aged well, unless you take yourself out of it. Yeah, you have to, it's like, you know, with a lot of these movies, with any movie, really, it's all about suspending disbelief, right? And does the movie allow you, is it good enough and engaging enough for you to suspend disbelief that you're watching a movie and allow you to be transported into that world, right? That's why we watch movies. I want a good movie. Yeah. And so is it's transportive.

properties is why we watch movies. Amen. So I think this does. I think it has enough story and enough nostalgia that it puts you into that mindset. Mindset. Yes. I would concur. Yes. All right. What's next, doctor? The next one is National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. One of the greatest Christmas movies of all time. It is probably the most quotable Christmas. Oh, without a doubt. Yeah.

You really think it matters Eddie? This shitter's full. Yeah. My wife has a shirt that says shitter's full on it. Yeah, nice. Am I, what if I, who was it? I think my aunt looked at it and she's like, why is this shitter full? I'm like, really? Really? Oh, I feel bad for you. I had to get a new Christmas sweater this year cause we have ugly Christmas sweater day. Okay. And I won't tell you what I did get because I'll show it on them.

I'm hoping it says I don't know, Mark. No, I didn't get that one. I thought about it, though. I thought about it. But when I almost got it, because I wear it to school and I teach in middle school, I was like, maybe not. But it's the cat outline from the bottom of the chair. Oh, my God. It's like the black silhouette of a cat with like white fur on the outside of it. Yeah, yeah. Push cat. Oh, but I almost got that one. And but I didn't. And I'll.

Episode 5: Christmas (14:06.578)

I think you'll approve of the one that I did. Well, you know, Clark, I'm thinking about Fumigating's chair. What do you think I can save it? Uh, be my guest. Okay. So next is, uh, is the Grinch. Which one? Jim Carrey. Live action Grinch. Yes. Jim Carrey. There is a certain amount of nostalgia with the original Dr. Seuss animated Grinch that I recommend, but.

Nobody's seen it. Nobody left alive has seen it except for probably me and like four other dudes. So no, I watched it every year. Yeah. Oh, do you mean my family watched every year? It's it's some of the. Cartoon is still really well done by today's standards, but it's just it's too short for the story. But the Jim Carrey version is great. The Ron Howard sequel coming. Does it with Jim with Jim Carrey?

No shit. I'm stoked. I'm on board with this. Yeah. Not that. I'm retired. Not that the animated version with Flippdy Dick Hootie Doo Yeah. In it, Benedict Cumberbatch, I know how to say his name. But it's just fun to make stuff up when I say his name. The first time around, I have to make something up. Yeah. Well, you know what? But not that was bad. But it was for a certain audience. Yeah. And I just, and it just didn't quite rise to the level.

of the Grinch. One of my daughters, that's her favorite movie. Yeah, my kids had a like there was no boogie man. It was Mr. Grinch was I may have shown it to them a little early. Well, you know what, that's okay. There's some very grown up humor in that movie. Yes. Very grown up. Yeah, exactly. There's some really You're not going to put Jeffrey Tambor in a movie and not have a couple of like off color references. Oh, even if they're very veiled and they are

They were super veiled, but it's like you read enough into it. Yeah, no kid is going to get those jokes, but an adult would be like, Oh, Oh shit. He said that. Yeah. He's talking about sex. Yeah. And he's the Grinch. So yeah, but that's definitely, uh, that's on there now. There are a number of movies that are based on a Dickens story are based on a Christmas Carol. Yeah.

Episode 5: Christmas (16:29.026)

There's a bunch of different movies based on that same theme. You know, I got to tell you my favorite one before we get into this. Yeah. It's the Mickey Mouse one. And when we I mean, the Christmas Carol is on the list. Yeah. And there are seven different versions. And that one is definitely included. Mickey's Christmas Carol is among my favorite. It is Christmas. It is shows. I will tell you that my very favorite version, though, yeah, is the next movie on the list. OK. And and that is

Scrooge with BFM. See, I would agree with that. I mean, you go from Kim Jerry Kim. What's Jim Carrey? One comedic genius to another Bill Murray. Yeah, like you can't go wrong with that. No, it's I mean, more than once somebody has made a statement about I can't get my cat to wear this hat or my dog will, you know, the collar will stay on my dog or whatever. And I cannot hear that without saying, have you tried staples? Yeah.

It's despicable. Yeah, it really is. But it it's an amazing. It's an amazing. Well, don't forget how good Bob Bobcat Goldways was. Goldthwait. Yes. Was in that movie, too. He was. He was excellent in that. Yeah. He was really good. Everybody was good. Yeah. Karen Allen. Karen Allen was great. Yeah. It was. Yeah, it was great. I absolutely love that movie.

Um, if you haven't seen it see it took me a while to get my family to watch it with me And now they watch it every year it holds up. Yeah, it absolutely holds up. Yeah um So yeah, okay. Next was your homework. Yes, it was that was your homework. I rewatched it. Yeah, I did my own homework Okay, i've seen it. Yeah, obviously several times Another john favaro entry. Yes it is um who is rising to like shane black level of uh,

Christmas movies. But, and it's for Christmases. Yeah. It's a really good movie, it's fun. Yeah. I like that there's sort of the exploration of what it means to be married. Yes. And I really enjoyed that. Yeah. It's kind of a different sort of theme thematically from a lot of Christmas movies. It is. But I thought it was really good. Yeah. There's been some attempts at the same kind of,

Episode 5: Christmas (18:56.418)

humbug approach to like Christmas with the Cranks, not on the list. No. But like that kind of idea. Yeah. But this one was far more successful. And the cast is outstanding. Oh yeah. I mean it is as star- Yeah, as star-studded as you get. Yeah. And no egos. None. At least that came through on screen. Yeah.

Everybody seemed to be willing to be silly. Well, I was expecting Robert Duvall to be kind of Pissy about being in them in the part that he was yeah Because he had just come off winning an Oscar like yeah two or three years before And it was making this movie next and he held his sense of humor to it I think oh, I think you can tell and then and really good actors playing opposite not

like not professional actors. Yeah. You know, Tim McGraw and Dwight Yocum and these guys who are country singers who are good actors. Yeah. I mean, I think Tim McGraw proved his chops in 1883. Yes. Most recently. But, you know, especially at the time when this was made several years ago, you know, he was a country singer. Yeah. Who was just sort of dipping his toes into the acting pool and did fine. Yeah, he did great. I mean, he didn't have the most in-depth character and didn't have a whole.

of screen time but I did a good job. Look he was that obnoxious brother who likes to beat up on people. Yeah exactly yeah backyard uh MMA fighter. So okay now we have Miracle on 34th Street. Now this is another one of those movies that have been remade and remade and remade. What? Um there are two versions in my opinion that are worth watching. Yeah. Uh and they are the uh 1946 black and white version original.

Yeah, and then the Edinburgh one. And then the Edinburgh 1994. Which is the other one, which is great. Yeah. So yeah, those are, you know, both of them are great. Depends on whether you want to go way nostalgic and go black and white. Are you having a Maltese Falcon kind of mood? Or do you want something a little bit more updated? Although I'm realizing now that I say 1994 was still, you know.

Episode 5: Christmas (21:17.278)

I like the more contemporary one. Yeah, I would say that that's probably my favorite as well. Okay. Okay, next we have... I think we clearly define this as a Christmas. Oh, without a doubt. I think it's been proven. And I've actually had a couple of people who listened to the show who told me that they were on the fence, but they're 100% now. Yeah, you have to be. And my niece, I think I mentioned this on the show.

I told her, you know, she had never even seen it. And she saw it and she said, 100% Christmas staple. Gonna watch it every year. Yeah. Absolutely. And if you look over my shoulder, you will see the new official CRTs advent calendar was sent in by a listener. It was. Yeah. I couldn't believe it. I was, I didn't think I, when I mentioned I would love one and it was sent in. And so that is Hans Gruber, the advent calendar while he falls from Macatoni Tower.

and I couldn't be more thrilled. That's amazing. I am absolutely, here I'll move it so that it's on camera. You can see it. So if you're listening on the podcast, this will give you a reason to watch the YouTube show. And so here we have the Nakatomi Tower. Yes, we do. Advent calendar, and you can see Hans Gruber, he's up here above the first, but then he falls and you move him one day at a time, and he finally hits the ground on.

Christmas morning just like in the movie. Yeah. So yeah. And that's just wonderful. So that will be with us. If anything explains the reason for the season, it's Die Hard. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, it absolutely does. He's even got a little gun in his hand. And yeah. Classic Hans Gruber. Yeah, Hans Gruber. Yippee-ki-yay. Motherfucker. Yes, exactly. Yeah. All right.

So that's a die-hard 100% Christmas movie. You could argue that it isn't, but you'd be wrong. Now my daughter tried to convince me this one is not a Christmas movie. This next one? Yeah. I'm like, it takes place during Christmas. Yeah. And she's like, yeah, but. It's called Jingle all the way. But there's reindeer, there's snow. It's okay, it's okay. I forgave her. Okay. Well. I forgave her. I'll get there eventually. Yeah, you have to.

Episode 5: Christmas (23:34.978)

But my favorite part of this movie is Phil Hartman. I'm not gonna lie. Yeah, Phil Hartman with a close second, I would say Jim Belushi. Yes, yeah. I would agree with that. Yeah, as the store Santa that has the background, isn't it? The black market toys business. It's a great movie. Now, you may be, if you see this movie and you enjoy it, you may be tempted to watch a sequel. Yeah, don't watch a sequel. Don't.

Don't Larry the cable guy. Yeah. Yeah, don't Know Larry the cable guy should was wonderful in cars Yeah, but then he became this like be rated or see rated. He became a parody of himself. He did and Yeah, it was what's that? Hope get her done thing. Yeah, I just kind of it's kind of lost on me No, I look at him unless he's made her. Yeah. Yeah But I do all the way is good. Yeah

I like it. That's a good movie. Yeah, no, it is. Phil Hartman. RIP. Phil Hartman saves the movie. Yeah, RIP. OK, next we have Home Alone 1. Yes. And 2. Oh, thank god. I thought you were going to stop at 1. No, no, 1 and 2. OK, good. And I'm stopping there. There are, believe it or not, I think five? Four other sequels, I think? There's one coming, I think. There's a new one coming? I think so. No, a series.

See, I think they're doing a series that hell is a homolog series. I don't know That's just you know what that CPS needs to be you know, I'm writing a strong worded letter Yeah, how many times you're gonna get your kid? Yeah. Well, I mean it's after two it's different kids But I mean John Candy In his small cameo role that he filmed in a matter of hours. Yeah, so good Without homolog we would have to call it token or any of the token relatives. Yeah, right

um I read a story once that joe pesci had to be censored on set because he kept dropping f-bombs all the time joe pesci yeah oh i believe it yeah so and then you had um you just had so many so many great cast of characters in this movie i feel like kevin uh macaulay colkin's character kept getting shit on in both movies

Episode 5: Christmas (25:59.47)

But he kind of brought it upon himself because his poor his poor attitude But I really hope they stop making these like so home alone 6 came out November 12, 2021 That would that was called home sweet home alone And that is apparently on Disney Plus. Yeah, is there a home alone 5 & 6? Yes So, yeah, but we're not those don't don't don't go past 2

Yeah, don't go past two. Don't go past two. Stop when you see the orange gorilla.

There's an orange gorilla. Yeah, in two. Oh yeah. Yeah, he tells him how to find the lobby. You're 100% correct. Yeah, I remember what you're talking about now. I'm picking up what you're putting down. Yes, yes. So when you see that, finish that movie and then don't watch anything else. Don't watch anything else. Okay, okay, I got it. The next one is a great one. Yeah, right, because it wouldn't have snowed without Edward. True. So Edward Scissorhands. And every year since then. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Edward Scissorhands, absolutely a Christmas movie. We have proof.

a grown-up Christmas movie. Yes. And I mean, Alan Arkin alone would have been great in that movie. And I am not in that movie. I thought you were. I'm not in that movie. I think you're getting royalties on this. That's how we're paying for this. I wish I was. I wish I was. No, the only thing I've gotten from that movie is seated ahead of a line. Hard Rock Cafe. I mean, this is a season for the royalties for Everett's history. Right.

Yeah, you would think so, but no, I'm still waiting on those checks. Okay. So no, I'm not in that movie. Someday. Although I have a new doppelganger. Oh. Yeah, apparently my daughter posted a picture of she and I together on her Instagram. Okay. And somebody thought that I was the villain from Five Nights at Freddy's. You know, I haven't watched that movie yet. Oh, let me see. I'll look it up. Talk amongst yourselves. Okay. But yeah, it is, Matthew Lillard is the actor that plays him. Yeah. And he has glasses and a beard.

Episode 5: Christmas (28:03.234)

And he's gone gray. Oh, you know what? I see it. Yeah. God damn it. I see it. And somebody asked her legit if she got a picture with Matthew Willard. Matthew Willard is so good. Yeah. Let me see if there's images. You know, that's OK. I'm going to go watch it. That'll be one of your homework assignments is to go watch Five Nights at Freddy's, even though it's on a Christmas movie. It's not that's not your homework assignment tonight. We do have homework for you.

Oh darn. It's not coming up in the it's just showing me all the animated things. Hang on. Let's see. Waaah. Film. Waaah.

Episode 5: Christmas (28:44.946)

This makes for a great read. Yeah, it does. It shows Josh. Brolin? No, Hutchinson. I was close. No, you weren't. It shows him a lot of pictures of him. So OK, let me look. So one more thing, Matthew Lillard. I forget his character's name. So there we go. Is it Matthew Lillard gets? No. OK. That's Freddy. God damn it, that is Chris Rogers. Yeah, kind of.

Let me see, I can... Yeah, it holds up well. Yeah, you can see. Yeah, there you go. Zoom in, folks. Zoom in. There you go. Anyway, so yeah, apparently I kinda look like him. So that's my new doppelganger. So now I am in Edward Scissorhands and Five Nights at Freddy's, apparently. That's a lot of royalties. It is, a lot of royalties that I'm not getting. Okay, so the next one. Yes. Is absolutely another movie that we proved to be Christmas movie. 100%. And I still have not shown it to my children.

And I really need to. OK. Trading places. You know what? I'm just going to go back into your house and log into my Amazon account and watch this. OK. Everyone sit your asses down. You don't have a choice. Turn off your phone. Actually, Ellie is home tonight. My oldest is home tonight. So maybe we'll sit down and watch it. Yeah. Trading places, absolutely. Yeah. Plus boobs. Yeah. That's all I'm saying. Jamie B. Curtis. Yeah, absolutely. It's a phenomenal film.

Dan Aykroyd, Eddie Murphy. You gotta see it. Much good, yep. Much good. Very good. I love the next one. The first one. Yeah. Sequel's kind of weird. Sequel's weird. I enjoyed it. I got some nostalgia. That movie scared the bejesus out of me. When you were younger? No, well, I was working. Oh, so this is Gremlins. Yeah, Gremlins. Gremlins 2, quick sidebar. The reason why it scared me is because I was the projectionist in the film. In the movie. And I wasn't the one who screened the film.

Did you always screen it? I thought I did. Oh, shit. So I was down on my break watching the movie and in the movie, the film like spoilers, but the film melts. Yeah. And it's like a solid white screen for like 10 seconds. And when you're the projectionist, and that's exactly what it looks like when the film breaks. Oh. And so when you're, or back then when it was still film projectors, I was sitting and I literally jumped up and ran towards the exit.

Episode 5: Christmas (31:06.198)

which probably added to the realism for the audience. Cause they're like, holy crap, they're girls in protectionist. Cause I was wearing like the uniform and I was just sitting there on my break, eating popcorn and watching the movie. And I almost to the door when I heard the gremlins giggling and then the finger puppets and all of that, the shadow puppets and all of that. And I was like, but I swear I was like, oh, because from the time film breaks to the time the movie starts, it's like a 10 minutes cause you gotta get up there and repair it and do all of that. So it's like, people are not happy when I do this.

That's a long intermission. Yeah. So anyway, but the first one, the second one, not a Christmas movie. It takes place in the summertime. I don't know if I call the second one a movie. No, it's a movie. Yes. Um, but let's just say if the second one had been the first one, there wouldn't have been a second one. Truth. Yeah. Although we're getting a we're getting a mogwai TV show coming up. Yes. Yes, we are. So we'll see what happens there. Yeah, it's

It's a great it's a great movie and I just rewatched it. Yeah, recently still holds up holds up 100% great movie. Absolutely should watch it. Maybe not under nine or 10. For kids my kids watching number seven. Yeah, mine did too. But my kids were emotionally scarred just from being my kids so that I don't know that it affected them. So depending on where your kids at. Same It's a little bit gory and a little bit violent but great movie and absolutely Christmas movie.

Yes. Yeah. Batman Returns. Also in our Is It a Christmas episode. And it is. 100% it's a Christmas movie. 100p. Yep. Great. OK. So next we have Christmas Carol. So there are tons of versions of this. We had 1938. Yes. Black and white. We have 1951 with George C. Scott. Yes. Who was, for a long time, the definitive Ebenezer Scrooge. We have the Patrick Stewart.

Yes. I think late 80s early 90s. Yes. Around in there. Yeah. Great. And the one that I was referring to earlier when I was talking about Dead Eyes, the Jim Carrey animated mocap Christmas Carol. Yeah. Weird fucking movie. Strange. I don't know that it's list worthy, but it's certainly a thing. It caused a movie studio to go out of business. Yeah, it's yeah, not great. My definitive if you're going with straight up

Episode 5: Christmas (33:33.134)

Christmas Carol, not like a version of it, like Scrooge or whatever. My, I say Patrick Stewart. Okay. What about the Muppet Christmas Carol? And the Muppet Christmas Carol and the Disney Christmas Carol absolutely, I should, are on the list. Yeah. Consider them part of the list. But if I went, and I, but I think of those as like, spin-offs, you know? Sure. If you wanna go classic purist Christmas Carol, I'd say Patrick Stewart, followed by George C. Scott.

George C Scott. Yes, absolutely. And but 100% now. This one, the next one, I put a question mark on it next to it on the way. Because I, I'm not 100% sure now I thoroughly enjoy this movie. And if I it's too new to you that was my concern. To know I would put it in my top five Christmas movies. You could act it's a very it's a really good movie. But

I have enough people seen it enough times. Yeah, and I haven't heard anything about it this year. Like nobody's talked about it this year. So I don't know if it's gonna stick around like some of these other movies. The movie is spirited. Ryan Reynolds, Will Ferrell. It is, because not so many people have seen it, I'm wary of spoiling it and I am so spoiler averse. But I will say it is related to A Christmas Carol.

very closely. I don't want to say in what way, but if you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't seen it, you should see it. It's really good. I'm on the fence as to whether it's list worthy. So if you're a listener, let me know. You know, I, I would say I would give it two more years before we put it on the list. Okay. I'm, I'm into that. I can, I can agree with that. When this reruns next year. Yeah. We'll just, we'll bring it up again. We'll bring it up again. Yeah. Um, so next is, uh, love actually.

Okay. It's a Christmas movie. Sure. We have female listeners. Yes, we do. Not that only females can like this movie. I enjoy this movie is when my wife, my wife makes me watch it. Yes. And I watch it. And it's good. It's a good movie. And it is mentioned a lot. And it comes up a lot in pop culture. And so that's why it's on the list. I would concur. Yeah. Love actually. Yeah, good. Good movie. Good movie. Next we have good movie.

Episode 5: Christmas (35:59.262)

Well, it's certainly a bad Santa. Yes. Oh, oh, bad. Did you see that one? Stop. Oh, God damn it. We're on fire. Yeah, I'm going to pee my pants. Oh, damn. Anyway, bad Santa. I'm really proud of that one. Yeah. Nice. Good on you. So, yeah, bad Santa is. Yeah. I think I've only seen this one once. One or two. One. OK.

Second one is pretty good, too. It was. But I don't know that it has the influence. That definitely has a pop culture influence. I don't know that two does. Well, it certainly fits all the criteria for being a Christmas movie. Oh, it's not a question of whether or not it's a Christmas movie. It is absolutely a Christmas movie. I'm just saying, I don't know whether it's list worthy, because there's two different requirements, right? Sure. Next, absolutely 100% of the Christmas movie, it has been scientifically proven. And that is also Shane Black and Lethal Weapon. Yeah. One.

getting too old for the first lethal weapon. Yeah. That one they are making a new one. How? I don't know. But they're making a new one. Why? That Danny Glover has been hired from acting. What? Danny Glover where? Danny Glover? Yeah, I don't know if he's just gonna be a cameo. Or both of them are gonna be Kim. Maybe it's gonna be Chris Rock and Joe Pesci. They had that lethal weapon.

TV show. Yes, that they did. And then the guy who played rigs was problematic. I got fired off the show. Yeah. And I think they replaced him with another actor. And then it just didn't go anywhere. Yeah, it's usually when shows get canceled. Yeah. So it was good. Damon Wayans was David Wayans is pretty good was the Danny Glover character. Yeah. Okay, so then we have Charlie Brown Christmas. Well, not a big movie. Not technically a movie.

It's Charlie Brown freaking Christmas. And if you have ever heard somebody say, Oh, look, that's the Charlie Brown tree. Yeah. That's the pop culture influence we're talking about. Oh, yeah. Yeah. So Charlie Brown Christmas 100% heavy duty. So then we have a Muppet Christmas Carol, which we've already talked about. It does, I think garner a separate entry. But yeah, Muppet Christmas Carol. Awesome. So great. Yeah, definitely a great movie. White Christmas. Yeah, Bing Crosby.

Episode 5: Christmas (38:23.666)

Oh, God, yeah. Yeah, I mean, Ben Cosby ended up being kind of problematic as far as, I was outside that well, and also not a great dad. He was a little bit, let's say hands on as a father. A little too handsy. Yeah. And not in a creepy way, but in a violent way. Yeah. And then last, last on the list. Also, I don't know, does it qualify as a movie? It's Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

You can come out in theaters when they're- The claymation? Yeah. I knew it, cause it was like, 1964 I think is when it came out. Yeah. Or in the 60s. Yeah. I knew it years later when it was on TV. It was on TV every year. And we were excited when it was. We would watch it. It still is. Sit through the damn commercials cause that's the only option we had. Yeah. Cause I'm old. Still the only option we have. Yep. Um, no, you know what I mean, you don't have to sit through commercials anymore. Yeah, but you can't stream it. Yeah. I guess. It's unstreamable. Is it really?

Yeah, it's locked behind a vault somewhere. Oh. So only CBS can show it. Oh, is it on Paramount Plus then? No. Weird. Not on Paramount Plus. Oh, yeah, I haven't seen it in a few years, but definitely on the list. Yeah, I would say so. Definitely, hugely. I mean, that alone, there was obvious influence from that movie to Elf. Oh yeah. 100%. Oh yeah, yeah. So, yeah. What's your favorite Christmas movie?

I don't know which one is if you had to pick your absolute favorite, what's your favorite Christmas mine? Yeah, God put me in the hot seat Yeah, you know I would say That doesn't sound weird mm-hmm for me at least yeah Santa Claus one Okay. Yeah. Okay. I wouldn't have guessed. Yeah, I valid choice though. Yeah, um, I Would say

I asked you that question and I have to ask myself. I mean, I have different like there's a nostalgia one, which would be Christmas story for me. Sure. There's straight up the one I laugh at the most would be Christmas vacation. Absolutely. For production value, I would say spirited. I mean, this is a lot of criteria. Yeah, yeah. I mean, I don't it's hard for me to pick one. Pick one. It's trading places. No.

Episode 5: Christmas (40:46.854)

No, that's one of my top movies. Yeah.

I'm gonna have to go I'm gonna have to go Christmas vacation. Yeah, that's fair. Yeah That's my wife's absolute favorite movie. Yeah, I mean that may be her favorite movie. Does she remember the movie? Oh, yeah Okay, good. Yeah my wife who is notorious for forgetting movies after she's seen them Yeah, which is I tease her a lot about it, but I'm so jealous of that Can you imagine what a gift it would be to every time you see a movie? It's the first time you're seeing it at least for the first 30 40 minutes of the movie

That would be amazing. Yeah, wouldn't it? That's my wife. That's the gift that she's been given. Wow. Okay. So yeah, it's pretty it's pretty amazing. And so I teaser but that one I can say, you know,

Why is the floor all wet? I don't know, Margot. Yeah, exactly. Well, something had to break the stereo. Something had to break the window. Yeah. Or I could be like, where are you gonna fit that tree, Griswold? Bend over and I'll show you. I mean, it wouldn't be the Christmas season if the stores were any hotter than they are. It's a tip in the clip. Yep. Yeah. So, yeah, that's gotta be my favorite. Now there's a bunch of other Christmas movies on here that we haven't even.

Episode 5: Christmas (42:12.494)

I don't know if I put that on the list. No, it's not on the list. There was that Chris is moving the eighties with the, uh, what's his name? John Lithgow and Dudley Moore. I think it was called.

Santa Claus the movie. Oh, yeah, Santa Claus the movie. Yeah, absolutely. I remember that. Yeah, the movie doesn't belong on the list No, it's um, we also have not put the Star Wars Christmas special on the list Well, if you could find it might be worth it. It's very hard to find. Yeah, I think it's on the YouTubes I think it is actually. Yeah, I Don't know. I kind of want to rewatch it I gotta look and see if I can find it and if I do I'll watch it and I'll report back to you now It's a time where all the stills come out that people have grabbed over the years and the effects on that just

Yeah. Yeah, it's bad. I mean, it's up there with like the original land of the lost TV series production value. Oh, God, RIP Marty Croft, he just passed away. I heard. But yeah, I mean, there's so many amazing Christmas movies. And I mean, we didn't even touch I thought about putting like one of the or putting it all in as one entry. Yeah, the Lifetime Christmas movies.

Because they're all basically the same. But there is a.

There is a pop culture influence on sort of the conversation about Christmas movies. You need to have seen at least one. I have seen a few. Yeah, voluntarily? No. But like, I don't even know that it's actually a lifetime movie, but like the night, the Christmas night, there's like four of them. I got, I got. With a K? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh yeah, yeah. I think it's.

Episode 5: Christmas (43:58.858)

If I remember correctly, I think it's like a night gets brought from the Middle Ages. Oh my god. Current time. This is hurting my head just talking about it. Yeah, at Christmas time and then he's like fish out of water. It's like a Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's court kind of story. That's the one with Vanessa Hudgens, isn't it? I think so, yeah. Why did I know that? This is what I'm talking about though. This is what I'm talking about. The cultural influence of it. That doesn't mean they're good movies.

But I feel like the influence of the sort of the lifetime Christmas and I think that one's even like Netflix I don't even think it's lifetime. Well, you have all of your you know, who you know, who's gonna be in them, right? Yeah, these types of movies you have What's your name Candice Cameron? Yep, Melissa Joan Hart. Yep Vanessa Hudgens apparently Vanessa Yeah, like those are the basic actresses they're not basic people but just actresses that are gonna be in these minutes and the plot

are all identical. Oh, and if you look at the, there's been a few times that I've seen it online where they have like lined up like 10 of the posters. They're all the same. They're identical. The posters are even the same. He's wearing a red sweater, she's wearing a green sweater. And you know, they're looking at each other and there's like a tree in the background and like a snowflake in the foreground or something like that. Like literally there's like 15 movies and they're all identical. It's the same movie over in November. Yeah, but that's why I'm talking about, we're talking about it on our show. Well.

So it has officially influenced pop culture. The other thing is they don't cost anything to make. No, no. I mean, they basically pay their actors and use, I mean, they use the same sets. They use, you know, everything is just, they pay the actors. I think they're all done at Universal Studios. Probably. Yeah. So, yeah, I think Lifetime Christmas Movie belongs on the list. What about Santa Paws? No. You sure? Yeah. Okay.

or Santa buddies. Santa buddies? Yeah. No, no, no. Okay. Can't do it, can't pull the trigger. I've seen it. What about Beverly Hills Chihuahua saves Christmas? Is that even a thing? I thought about putting Ernest saves Christmas. No, don't put that on. I thought about it. Jim Varney's an American treasure. It's like Carolyn Kumar saved Christmas. Yeah, that's a thing. It is? It is a thing. And no. Yeah. No, as much as I enjoy those movies, I really do, but no. No. Uh-uh.

Episode 5: Christmas (46:19.342)

Because I honestly I didn't know it was a thing until I was doing show prep for this And so if I don't know it's a thing then it's probably has an influence pop culture enough Okay, not that I'm the end-all be-all but I spend way too much and time and energy on knowing about movies No, Chris is our litmus test. Yeah, so if I don't even know about it, it hasn't influenced pop culture enough. Okay, that's fair but yeah, so that's yeah, so

There you have it, there's our list. If you think these lists are living documents, so if you think we should add something, think we should take it away, let us know. I'm open to adding. Taking away, I'm not gonna lie, will be a tall order. It needs to be a very good argument. A well-constructed, thoroughly thought out, documented, and defensible argument. I'm expecting at least a 200 page.

Dissertation. Yes, if you want us to take anything off the list. Uh-huh MLA format. Yeah Um Double space. Yeah double space. Don't use career or aerial. I went times new roman. Yes I will rip that crap right up 11 point font. Yes, nothing be bigger than that And don't make your margins huge No, no standard. That's just cheating. Yeah standard. It's just cheating. Absolutely. Yeah, so, uh speaking of assignments. Oh homework

Not quite yet. I have another assignment for you. Oh, damn it. And that is, give us a like. Please. Give us a subscribe. Yeah. If you're listening to this on the podcast, like it, download it, subscribe it. Please. Review it. Slap it up, flip it, rub it down. Yeah. Normally, you gotta pay extra for something. Yeah. And watch the YouTubes. Yeah. If you're watching us on YouTube, go ahead and listen to the podcast. Please. That's like YouTube, but for your ears.

God damn it, Chris. So anyway, or as I like to say, word sounds for your ear holes. It's on the logo. Yeah, I guess so. So that's the call to action. So thank you so much for listening. Thanks for clarifying that was the call to action. That was the call to action. Insert call to action logo here. I do have homework for you. No! Yes. No. Yeah.

Episode 5: Christmas (48:37.106)

I know there was going to be a student in the back of the room who's going to say, Mr. Rogers, you forget to give us homework. There always is that kid. It's why I'm watching that kid get beat up. I'm joking. Of course. That never happens. I've seen it happen. Yeah. But anyway, not in my class because I don't give homework, believe it or not in my, in my job. I don't give. There's a lot of studies that say homework is a waste of time. It is except for on this show. Yeah. And this homework is actually extra special. More important. Yes. It's not to watch a movie. Wait.

Are you saying it's like YouTube except for your ears? Yeah, I am, exactly. It's like a movie for your ears. Hot damn. Yeah, so here's your homework. Next week we're gonna be doing at least the first part of our drama list. I think we're gonna break it up into two. We have to. It's huge. It's a huge list. Huge. So because we kind of took like thrillers, drama, all of those sort of non-funny, non-sci-fi movies and kind of put them into one category. You have to.

And so, I mean, we could have broken up into like mysteries, thrillers, you know, those kinds of things, but we didn't, we just put it all into drama. So it's gonna be two shows on drama. And the homework for next week is to listen to a soundtrack. Which soundtrack is this? The Forrest Gump soundtrack. If you haven't seen the movie, listening to the soundtrack won't, I'm not talking about the score. Score is so good. The score is really good. If you have some time, listen to it. But.

The soundtrack is what I'm talking about. Possibly, arguably the greatest soundtrack of any film. I would agree. Except for.

One of the eldest movies, but we're not going to get into that. Yeah. Well, and I mean, you could make an argument for the big chill. Yeah. Uh, and some other movies, but, um, but I, I one of my very all time favorite soundtracks. This is probably the first movie to do this type of soundtrack too. Or one of the first one of the first movie. Well, because it spans such a large time. Yeah. So like the big chill had a great soundtrack and it was kind of an anthology kind of soundtrack, but it was very, it was all one.

Episode 5: Christmas (50:46.786)

time period. Yeah, right. So this spans really goes from like the 60s all the way to the 80s. Yeah. Soundtrack and it's I mean, even before maybe even sooner than that, but glorious. It really is an amazing soundtrack. So that's your homework, please listen to the soundtrack. Yes. After you're done listening to this episode, there won't be another episode of our podcast to listen to until after we record it, which your homework will have been due so

If you're listening to this now, you have nothing but time until next week's episode. Did I hurt your brain with that one? It just went cross-eyed when you brought it up. Yeah, did the hamster fall off the wheel a little bit? Yeah, that was a little strange. It's okay, you'll stick some cheese in your ear later. Yeah, but what if I'm listening to this in the future? Yeah. And I've already listened to the next episode. So then you need to pause listening to episodes. Now, if you've already listened to this, now you're listening out of order? That's chaos. Dog and cats living together. God damn it, time travel is real. Okay.

I just saw Time Travel. Did you? Yeah, I just, you know, I figured it out. Cool. That's what Spider-Man said to Pepper. Yeah, apparently I figured it out, you know, 20 years ago when I was half drunk, so. Yeah. It's a mobius, Tracee, people. Apparently Tracee has 1.21 gigawatts of power in his pants. Is it gigawatts or gigawatts? It's actually gigawatts, but back then, giga wasn't really something that we used ever, and so he mispronounced it. Well, watch out, it's Libyans.

You know, I once, no, I'm not gonna say it alone. Yeah. You sold him a box of pinball parts? I did. You know, I was thinking about it. That might've been a creative name for a podcast, which was, what did he say in that movie? 1.21. Gigawatts? Gigawatts. Yeah, it starts with a J and not a G. Great Scott. Yeah, it is gigawatts, just like it is GIF. That's GIF. No, it's GIF.

That's Jeff. You're wrong. I am right. Graphic is what the G stands for. So it started until they start calling it Jeffix drafts. Look, it's not Jeff. The creator of Jeff is an idiot said Jeff. No, but yeah, but he's an idiot. It stands for graphic. What is it graphic inner something format doesn't matter to me. The G stands for graphic. And it's a graphic makes a J sound.

Episode 5: Christmas (53:14.366)

No. Look, we're gonna have to agree to disagree on this. Okay, we'll agree that, we'll both agree that you're wrong. You can't prove that. I have just proven it. You cannot. QED. I have gone Latin.

Gun plaid. Yeah. All right. Well, this has been a fun episode. I think we're done. Stick a fork in us. We're toast. Yes. Wait, that's not how it goes. I don't think so. God damn it, I just let the monkey out of the bottle. All right, y'all. Thanks for hanging out with us. Bye.

Episode 5: Christmas (53:47.89)

Oh, that was funny. It's totally GIF by the way. I know. Ha ha ha. I know.

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